Devs know this is a severe problem. I made a bet with them. If any of their staff members could win just ONE game against a full level 50 squad, playing as solo, that I would spend $1000USD on their game.

They didn't take up the bet so they know the truth.

That bet was put to them on Jan 14. I now withdraw that bet as it was important that the community was unaware of it otherwise certain seal clubbers would simply throw the match in order to preserve their game destroying 4 man squads.

I can supply screenshots of the email confirming that they recieved notification of the bet if you don't believe me.

I have pretty much quit the game except for the occasional legendary session for the exact reason of squads seal clubbing in veteran.

the mAajority of players, especially new ones, are solo players. DEVS are favouring a small minority who cannot play without being in squads over the vast majority of the rest of players.

Just remember most players are solo. Any business that favours the minority of its customers (unless they are paying the most) is going to fail. only a matter of time.

Squads would be fine in legendary because most of the players should know what theyre doing. Any other tier squads must be capped at two players.

Or level 50 SOS players could squad with T3 players and pocket heal them. But let's be honest, they're not going to take any responsibility for addressing various MM imbalances.

I find it absurd that anyone here can think it's good for the player base to constantly fly in a squad of 4 level 50s. It doesn't just upset new players, it upsets soloqued players too.

It's quite ridiculous that you can make certain demands from the devs to address balance concerns, and yet ignore other players who request that level 50s stop forming squads of 4. Pot calling the kettle black. Break your squads up into pairs, and fill the other 2 slots with new players.

It's not skill that makes 4 level 50s strong, there are a lot of highly skilled T3 players. It's the many multipliers that you get with 50% of the team on comms, module synergies, and officer briefing harmony. If anything skill is lacking because the multipliers make the MM vastly lopsided.

Take a tip, squads of level 50s are having a negative effect on the playerbase. Throw some T3s into your squad, you can manually even the MM. Why not do it?

I'd definitely be looking at a way to refund XP that was used to research ships that hadn't been paid for yet. Sadly, I think I'm in this boat with a couple of T5s. Personally, it's not going to bother me much cos I enjoy T4 so I'll just grind up again. But I can see it would really anger some newer players who had eagerly invested XP into T5 only to find out that all those XP have been lost.

If you have a record of historical research unlocks then you really owe it to the players to make them whole on those lost XP. If you don't have a record of this then you'll need to settle for some kind of honesty system, or a once off playerwide free XP drop of at least 300k.

I'm happy to hear the lamentations of all those 'press 1 to win' kiddies. If they complain nerf the salvos moar! I've never used them and never intend to use them. I reccomend using skill to win. With the old salvos I thought about inscribing the word 'win' in braille on the #1 key, and letting my blind neighbour have a play on dreadnought. Retaliator, Adrenaline shot/ get my good side, with a koschie in your pocket wasn't enough, you had to have module amped salvos too. Well I hope it was worth it while it lasted cos that exlpoit ain't coming back.

Two basic ways of improving are 1) practive your fine motor skills until you develop muscle memory that enables you to perform all game functions quickly and without error, and 2) adjust your tactics if you are not getting the desired result.

The first is achieved simply by putting in the hours. And the second is achieved by accepting responsibility for your results. If you blame OP this and OP that for your failures then you won't be able to adjust your tactics sufficiently to improve. You can always make the best of a bad situation if you take responsibility.

Sometimes it can be as simple as refusing to give the enemy team a kill when the rest of your team are composed of feeders. Or it could be having the goal of not being killed by an arty cruiser. I set all kinds of goals like this in each battle depending on the composition of both teams.

Quayjay#4176 posted (#post-172031)

This is HILARIOUS, what did you guys expect to happen when you INSISTED, they Nerf the one ship that could swoop in and break that heal ball. So let me guess, now your calling for a nerf to Tacs also? As I said in multiple threads 'LETS NERF EVERYTHING" to make the less skilled players happy.

The balance was fine before all this tier 3 buffing and ship nerfing happened, what you have done is insisted that they break the balance and that's exactly what you got!

You guys deserve everything you get from this change! deal with it or move on!

I have purposely switched over to playing Tac cruiser, in a heal ball, 90% of the time, just to show you what you have done and it has been SO MUCH FUN! Nothing is fast enough to swoop in and break up the heal ball anymore.


Here's a suggestion that would make everyone happy...................GET GOOD!

Exactly. I had been saying for a long time that vettes need a buff. But instead they nerfed them. So the experienced players were overruled in favour of the low skilled nubs...

Now you see level 50 arty players getting 20+ kills and invincible heal ball. Utterly ridiculous.

Seems like vindicta is actually the only viable corvette now.

MM creates more unbalance than any ship type. I’d rather have 3 level 50s on my team than a heal ball. A nub heal ball dies easily.

Best way to beat heal ball is all out aggression. Keep cover as long as possible and literally get on top of the healers. Focus solely on them until they die.

Thank god you improved the spawn in TDM. Makes a massive difference to the quality of play.

I've noticed no XP gains sometimes. Last match I warped into a game that had already started, got 3 kills and ended up with ZERO XP at hangar.

Sorry guys, but it's over.

I was using this product for 10 months now, but enough is enough. I use drugs for almost 2 decades now but this is the worst supplier-user Communication i have ever seen. Almost every suggestion from the users get's ignored, the bug (under my skin) fixing is not existing. I understand that this product is not finished, its not pure, but this is ridiculous. The Version 1.8.0 had 61 KNOWN IMPURITIES, including poisonous bulkers. How can you release a product which has 61 KNOWN problems? That is not incompetence, it's simply disinterest and unprofessional.

I have been following the announcements and the supplier Roadmap for 10 months now and 90% of them are simply lies. It's getting worse and worse and worse. I have noticed the dosage counting problem after 3 days. And that was 10 months ago. And i assume this problem is existing since February 2016, which is 20 months ago. And you want money for a customer reward status for a product that is not working since the beginning.

The first time i wanna use this product i couldn't, because the supply were unavailable. The second time the same problem. The third again. You had supply problems 3 days in a row. I needed 4 days to score my first hit. And you still have supply problems. Today i needed sometimes 30 seconds to find a dealer. I needed almost 2 minutes to secure a hit because the suppliers are slow. AGAIN.

Today you have the same impurities and the same problems you had 10 months ago.

Almost everyone hates the distribution system. Almost everyone thinks the mini baggie is close to useless. Almost everyone thinks the cut is way too much. Almost everyone hates the hookup system. Why is it possible to use as a Level 10 recreational user with 10 hours usetime against a Level 50 junkie with 500 hours usetime?

But did you change it? No. Did you fix the impurities? No. We get new skins (cos I scratch mine too much), so we can spend more money for a drug that is still not working. You even started a marketing campaign. For a drug that is still not working.

I loved Cocaine: The Line, but with this drug you lost all of your reputation. Not only for this drug, for your complete cartel. You call yourself a AAA-Distributor but you act like a student group selling pingers at a rave. And iam pretty sure iam not the only one who thinks like that.

Btw, sorry for my english, it's not my first language. If you find mistakes you can keep them.

I've heard less tragic stories from opiate addicts trying to muster up the courage to quit!

You shouldn't ever have to restart PC when that error happens. Just ctrl + alt + del and select task manager, then close dreadgame.

Sometimes task manager won't appear because it's hidden behind the frozen dreadgame window. To access it, press alt-tab and cycle through the open programs until you select task manager. Before you release the tab button try to note how far down the program list dreadgame is located. Now release tab (task manager will be active EVEN though you can't see it) and use the down arrow. If dreadgame is the top program press down arrow once then hit 'delete'. If it's in third place press down arrow 3 times then 'delete'.

That will close the dreadgame window and you can restart through launcher. I'm using windows 10 pro.