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We already have the Monarch for that, just give it slow and steady

I'm not able to decipher what they are writing and fueling what flames? Not my fault PS4 is not called a beta anymore while the PC is, while behing ahead in version. Don't shoot the messenger.

Step 1
Link your accounts here:

Step 2
Go to twitch -> Dashboard (right top menu) -> Channel (Left menu in the bottom) -> Scroll down a bit and check if drops are enabled there

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-221567) said:

The point of BB is as Snib said. To encourage people to rotate fleets and keep all divisions populated.

Which is stupid, because I won't switch to another devision for battle bonus. Why would I play my veteran fleet if I've unlocked whatever I want and there's legendary for me to play? If anything, this incentive is against people that want to play legendary, because they are "forced" back into veteran, stomping pubs.

Nobody forces you to buy it

Correct and I recommend nobody to buy it, because buying it is worthless and only costs you more than it gives

and you do not have to wait the entire cooldown

I know I don't, but if I don't wait those 10 minutes, I will spend a portion of that time waiting. Let's say a match is 17 minutes including the orbit screen and BB is 10 minutes, queues are 3 minutes. That means I have 1 BB every 30 minutes.

If I queue up immidiately, I have played 2 matches (34 minutes), waited 6 minutes minutes, meaning I'll have 1 BB every 40 minutes, that's a 1/3 increase in time.

Play, learn, improve with BB.

Eh you're the one to speak

Or cycle between two fleets.

And the point of this is? I want to play a specific fleet, not cycle between them.

First it was maintenance, now it's battle bonus.

  • I have to wait 10 minutes between veteran matches.

  • If I enter a match with less than 1m time remaining on BB, I have to wait another extra match because those few seconds are wasted

  • If I have a match where I don't have the ability to perform or if I just have a bad match, but I also have battle bonus, I pretty much waste it

  • My income is spiking between matches, meaning that after getting battle bonus, my motivation to play without is non-existing

  • If you buy BB once, you have to keep buying it, as buying it only delays the cooldown till next match.

I will propose the same as I proposed for maintenance, remove it and normalize our income. There's no need to have a credit sink anymore, T5 is our credit sink. BB was designed to give us more experience, but the experience is the easy part to get anyway.

Tried rebooting your PC?

In Blizzard games like WoW/HotS/Diablo, there's a mechanic for several skills that have stacks. Meaning that instead of having 1 usage every 10 seconds, you can stack up your skills. For example, a healing pod with 30s cooldown. Now you can put 1 pod down every 30 seconds, meaning you can put up 2 pods per minute. If healings pods would get a maximum of 2 stacks (hey, perhaps via a skill/talent system? hint), you could put down 2 at once. You will still have to wait 30 seconds for the next one, but if you please, you can also not put down anything and wait till you have 2 stacks again.

Initially I had this idea because of stasis ammo. In the current state, you get X shots of stasis ammo, crippling your DPS. If we could get stasis ammo stacks, we could properly use it and make the module far more enjoyable! Let's say that every usage of the stack, gives you 1 shot of 2 or 3 seconds of stasis. You could fire once, do some damage and use another stack item, rather than being force to shoot up a whole round of stasis ammo at once, dealing almost no damage.

Candidates for stacking:

  • Any pulse, armor boosting, weapon boosting, cloaking, cooldown etc

  • Tactical cruiser armor amp

  • Any type of mines (except for nuke?)

  • Pods

  • Catapults (?)

  • Starling missiles (pressing 4 times rapidly or holding the button to mimic current behavior?)

  • Ammo such as armor break, stasis, disruption

  • Blink warp (the low CD corvette one)

Perhaps more?