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I don't complain about the corvettes power , i complain about indirect things that makes them powerful.
-The minimap is bad in giving the information i need.
- A corvette appears behind me, i don't know if he is above me or below me, there is no inidcator to help.
- I want to switch to secondarys weapons but some have stupid ranges ( 700 meters as an example ) the moment i switch to them the corvette is already far and i need to switch again.

Is the combination of this factors all together that makes a complete nightmare to fight them.

"Healer ships and their beams/pods encourage that all ships blob all the time, the whole team in one place, rarely moving."

They encourage teamwork to win the game, so in the end they are an important aspect of the game.

If you don't want to play as team , and have the freedom to do what you want play with a corvette and kill the lonely sheeps.

"So many people complain about the grind, the cost of modules etc."

I am new to the game so i don't understand exactly the grind here, but i came from wows, and played for 2 years before the wotb and in those games the grind is a pain. Here in dreadnought? In 5 days i am already playing at tier 3 ( that would be tier 6 in a wg product ). I can grind ships without playing them just because how the fleet mechanics works. For me it seems fair and enjoyable.

when i remember to play around 200 - 300 games in a single tier 9 to get the tier X. That was a pain.

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-211307) said:

Removing the newly introduced global chat? No! How are captains who have been banned from the discord supposed to directly interact with other captains, asking for advice and legendary matches?

Sorry, but this idea is a no go sir.

I am suggesting the OPTION to disable or to stay hidden. If i want global chat i would simple hit chat button.

I am "no one". A veteran player from wargaming products , new to dreadnought. English is not my native language, but i will try my best to express my ideas.

Suggestions in the hangar.

1 - Remove the global chat. I don't use it, i am not interested, but is there everytime i go to the hangar. Consider to give the player the option to disable it.

2 - In statistics, change "battle statistics" to "global statistics" and when clicking in the type pf ship ( in the statistics menu ) we would see our personal performance per class. This way we could understand better our individual performance per class.

3 - In the tech tree when i click on a ship i don't have , shows the modules. I want a option to close that information and simple look at the ship.

4 - Hangars. In wows wargaming spent a lot of time and dedication to make different harbours available so the player can choose and give a different nice atmosphere. We don't have this in Dreadnought. The good news is the Dreadnought team doesn't need imo to spend time and dedication to give something similar to the players. From what i see almost all maps in Dreadnought have a base ( and the maps are beautiful ). Use the maps with a base in Dreadnought to be the dreadnoughts players hangars. Put some animation in the background ( ships moving , etc ) and we would have many options to a player choose. The current hangar could be only available with premium time.

5 - Character customization. Needs more options, a lot more in fact. Different uniforms , from different factions, etc. hair and beard option. etc, etc, etc... something like eve online.

6 - Events. I don't see anything here. This is great to bring players come and spend time in the game and trying to win something. More players in the game, less queue times spend. A more enjoyable experience. Is a win-win situation to both sides.

7 - Clans battles & clan chat/interface in the hangar.

8 - A new faction ships with a industrial look. Something similar like the Minmatar ships on eve online or some ships in fratured space.

Suggestions in the gameplay.

1 - The battle interface. The minimap is bad. The information about my teammates requests is zero? I don't know where is my teammate requesting us to regroup, healing or focus fire. A corvette appears behind me in the minimap , i don't know if he is above me or below, maybe an arrow could be useful to show the nearest enemy.

2 - A domination mod. A simple mod where the players needs to control zones to score points and win the game.

3 - Please fix the bug where i can't choose my ship before a battle.

Thank you for reading.