Where did you catch up on that? Is there an official anouncement on that?
Some weeks ago ive also heard about a 4v4 event, that might eventually come when the stars allign in the far, far future. Wich lead to a discussion that was about decreasing playercount to start matches without bots. Because, if we're serious, you can see how matches will end just by looking wich players are in wich team (and amount of bots) in many cases, if you're a veteran that knows most names in the game. And bots doing weird stuff or even nothing (spinning at spawnlocation in conquest >.> ) is pretty annoying, too. If at least all bots on both teams always chose the same class.. Olga suiciding 7 times in a vette while gnamesh is healing in the other team does indeed make a huge difference.
I personally would enjoy matches without bots a ton more. Make DN 5v5 or 6v6 or one bot per team only 7v7, or just delete bots.

NUT_kopshi64#2861 posted (#post-279365) said:

We're in the endgame now.

nobody wants to hear the truth, man. :,-(

Server is down, devs are already looking into it

"so maybe we're experiencing a transitional phase."

Wow, that's what i call hefty optimism. If not naivety.

the quote you did on him was only about a single dreadnought, if my understanding of english does not have big holes.
Anyways, balance went wrong with that aa when there was teamwork needed to kill a single ship. That's not how balance was supposed to be before.
"each class can 1v1 a different class, dependant on its build". Armor amp deleted that, as dreads couldnt do anything against that.
edit. just my opinion on balance

tell me more of that disrupt missiles/pulse that dreads have
the 15 second duration (tenzin wrote this before the 2nd hotfix) was a big mistake and should have never happened. They 1v1ed every shipclass easily in that time, no matter if you saw it coming or not. When there was no second person shooting /CCing it, you were dead when it came close.

Sir Kyle#3145 posted (#post-239272) said:

Seriously though, ya ever notice how 9 of 10 games the top scoring players are those commanding Artillery Cruisers?

The players who take the least risk get the most reward. It should be the other way around.

Heck I despise Artillery Crusaers but every time I command one, my score is usually like 10/1 no effort, no skill. I pointed and shot all game long.

There is always a class that shines in getting nice K/D ratios. Question is, did you do anything that carried your team towards victory? Outside Team Deathmatch Artillery cruisers dont get points very easily. Also, pick any corvette, sneak upon an arty cruiser and snack it. Learn the counters. Join the discord if you need a helping hand on how to handle different situations.

I like the idea, but squads would probably never get a match, unless you gather enough players for a match e.g. via discord.

Ive seen this only when my game was not closed at the time contracts are being reset. But rebooting the game did it for me so far. Did you report it via the ingame bug reporter yet?

Playing in a squad in legendary is kind of a 90%+ chance to win all battles because of the small playerbase and the unlikelyhood of facing other squads. Sure, a solo player would be granted more xp, but a solo player does not have a 90%+ winrate like squads do.
Dont tell me your winrate is lower than that when squadding