Für alle Schiffe des selben Herstellers und derselben Klasse. Also zum Beipiel alle Zerstörer von Jupiter Arms.
Im Market gibt es auch Bundles, diese gelten tatsächlich für alle Schiffe.

I like the idea of more sub forums. But for now I can only recommend to join the official DN discord via

There have been threads about this ever since. I did a thread with the exact same purpose january this year ("teamplay versus playerbase"). Dont expect this to become a constructive criticism-thread. Some will spam you with offtopic, others will say "this is a teamgame, get some friends and do it yourself if you think it's unfair hurr durr" and some will will post the generic "git gud".
The matchmaker will not get touched until steamrelease (thats confirmed via former streams, as the devs have more important stuff to do) and a solo queue will not be introduced earlier either (playerbase too small?).
Yes, it's no fun to face coordinated groups and I quit these games for I dont see anything positive in playing fodder for some egocentric gimps.

Customizable hangar was teased about in a stream a few weeks ago (no pics, it has just been talked about).

Didnt read all that wall, but I'm absolutely with you regarding this threads name.
This is at least as bad as supporting actions not being rewarded in any kind (energy missile, cloak pulse ect).
I really hope this will get reworked or completely overhauled in the not so far future.

You know, people use shields and stuff. You can also use modules while shootin things to speed it up.
There didnt happen any nerf lately.

servertime is defined by its location (Houston, Texas), not by the players location.

I dont think 2 tacs can stand against 2 dreads very long in close quarters. If you were trying to fight them mid-long range you were just doing wrong anyways. That AS nerf did hit tacs hard imo, i dont think they need to be nerfed any more. Also, healing as a whole is being reworked right now, lets wait for these changes for now.

Just put minimum of real players to 5 per team to start a match and remove bots from the game completely. Also, if there are latejoiners, they should always be pulled into the game when there are 2 available, so no team gets a number advantage.

If we can trust those red guys on discord, devs already know that. It's been reported to them on the releaseday of concquest. Also after every patch/hotfix that came ever since.
It's just, the people who decide whats being patched first dont see this as an important thing, so it might (still) need some weeks to be fixed.
edit.: if it get fixed before steamlaunch at all