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TL;DR: Buff Credit rewards.

No, this is not what's being asked for. BB makes players wait between matches instead of switching fleets.

money will become an issue pretty fast, believe me. sure, you still gain credits when you buy that BB, but it's 1500 less each time.

You forgot to bump for quite some time, now.

The point of putting experienced players into veteran and/or especially recruit should not be a point, as it just scares away new players, which have absolutely no chance in 99%. Removing BB without touching the amount of grind should be easily possible, although almost everyone would welcome a little more income for sure.
+1 for removing BB, as it just makes people wait inbetween matches

TV EM feels like it's moving your ship a little more forward than sidewards compared to TIV (after fix).

I can only agree with most of what you said. Matchmaking does really weird things most of the time. But it's not always lvl 50 players squadding up, it's the matchmaker putting together imbalanced teams. I assume the MM only tries to balance teams by W/L ratio, not looking at available modules/officer briefings at all, resulting in uneven teams regarding experience and gear.
I can only speak for myself, though, ive spent more than 99% of my time in this game flying solo.

iirc balance has its sweetspot in tier 4. Everything beyond tier 4 may be seen as a tutorial, as you still lack some important modules and even more important officer briefings. So if you get to have most officer briefings and modules that fit your playstyle there is a chance to find balanced matches as soon as playerbase has grown enough (hopefully short after steam release). Right now the difference between well geared players and not that geared players is still pretty big, resulting in matches you can foresee the winning side. This shall not daunt anyone, the number of players is rising constantly (well, it feels this way, there are no official numbers, as devs are silent about them), increasing the chance for fair matches.

keep in mind that you will warp a straight line. If there is an obstacle behind the enemy ship, so the warp exit would be in terrain, the warppath might end up somewhere different.

suggestions i liked;

- somehow change elitestatus, it does not feel like it impacts the grind in a big way

  • fix invisible projectiles like shots and torpedos

  • reduce incoming heal when shields are up (dependant on the upcoming changes to the healsystem, might become obsolete)

  • introduce scoring events for no- or lowdamage modules

  • remove the seasonal aspect of the shop (there is so much stuff hidden that new players havent even seen yet, maybe just mark it as "coming to the shop soon©" but let ppl know there is more than 15 coatings)

While typing this wishlist and reading through this topic i realised this should be about the anouncements that have been released some days ago. Well, there is nothing wrong in it, just please dont increase the grind again

Versuch es mal auf im #german channel, da treiben sich die SAD-Spieler auch hin und wieder herum.