Unless you are looking for hotfixes, all income-changes over the last 8 months were reducing the income. I may remind you guys on that roadmap from last year ( ). Reading their post on that feels like a bad joke more and more everytime i read it.
Make your own conclusions on that.

Oberon arty weapons become best at 5km. They deal less dmg on greater range. Also, the oberon arty line is more like an ambush-ship. It has a very big power to weapon bonus.
If you want to snipe, better play the akula vector or jupiter arms artillery cruisers, they dont lose damage on their 7km range.

You dont do points by defending it or killing enemies nearby. But killing the enemy Commandship or Assaultships does grant you lots of points. Since grind is a pretty big thing in this game, ppl wont play for objectives, but for the most efficient way to get points (in onslought killing npc ships, in tdm doing the healcluster). Scoring needs an overhaul, just as Commandships.

All these coatings were available until like 5-6 months ago. Have no clue why they took them out the store, makes no sense to me.

Beyond T5 all dreadnought-mainguns are inferior to secondaries. If in range, use secondaries.
Except for Jutlands maingun in 1200 range with power to weapons. This shreds ships.

You will also be able to buy those modules in any order. Storm missiles as first module after unlocking the vigo? Yep, possible.
For officer briefings you need to buy two modules, after that you can simply research (20k exp) and claim the OB (no cost).
You should check all ship techtrees after this update, maybe you can claim some OBs instantly because of those changes

Either i do not understand you, or you misunderstood me. Even though i would love to know WHEN exclusiveness ends, I just wanted to know what items ARE exclusive at all. Something being released earlier on either PC or PS4 does not automatically make it an exclusive if I'm getting it right. Would be nice to see wich items are exclusive and wich are not. Sorry for those words in capitals, just trying to be precise

No answer yet?

Lurking for an answer :3

afaik voip will come sooner or later. My personal experience with that is, to say it nice, not that good. New or very young players will scream into their mic when people do not do what they tell them, even though they have no clue about the game. So there will be plenty players deactivate it as soon as it hits in any patch. Imo a better minimap and "pings/markings" (default is F or Q I think) might help out much better.
But thats offtopic.

Nerf AS instead of healings, or make drain/purge have an effect on every source of energy but energy generator. Problem fixed.