No refund? I bought my first T3 today after hours of awesome grind, its still not the ship I am going for, the tech tree I would really like to test. 50k credits gone. One who buys the ship tomorrow has 30k credits more left and can most likely fully research (tons of xp) and partially equip the ship, while I have to grind again to get the 22k for the T3>T3 ?!

So I ask again: No refund?!

MorallyGray seconded.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I realised that I had to "grind-research-grind-buy" ships and modules of a line I dont even want to play just to get to where I want to.....whats wrong with you?!

I would like to see the Monarch's guns on it. Athos has alike turrets (well,only 2, not 4 guns). The firing effects and sounds of the Monarch would suit the Athos well.

The screens I have posted cannot reflect the real epicness of the TROY, sure. But it looked that awesome that I instantly felt in love with it. If the God of War is with me and the Athos will be still valuable in end-game, then the DesTROYer smile will become my Flagship most likely.

And that HELLBORNE looks like same weird crazy Chaos-Ship from WH40k that needs to be cleansed, for the Empraahh, of course smile

Guess you have done that already: try mulitple times. It happens to me every now and then,too.

So far, it has been called TALIONIS, VINDICTA and VULCAN.

I smell a tendency to the initial letter "V", and I get the feeling the whole ship-type is a pretty angry one, as the names have a not too remote relation to "Revenge"...

I am really really curious now what name will be yelled once the champagne bottle hits the bow armorplate. smile

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Is the server online? I cant log in is unlimited loading.

Up and running

I vote for me as my alter ego Shepard Commander, captaining the "Normandy".

should be

16:00 - 20:00 Central European Summer Time (CEST)