How does it work?

Cause I cant afford the maintenance cost anymore and dont have any crewmembers left to man the T1 ships (those who survived the T4-Slaughter did quit the job long ago)....

Odin#5262 posted (#post-55558)

Every match i tried to day was around 3-4-6 mins max queue time.I dont know if that helps,but i am playing only Veteran,got a tier 3 ship on first place,then 2 tier 2s.

Sorry,no,not sorry, but I just dont believe you. In 14 hours not a single match. Thats the truth.

I got your point, Jeslis.

Still I doubt that there is no one with a T3 ship willing to queue up. Tier3 have secondaries (easily unlockable) and 4 standard officer briefings as well as 1 unlockable OB. I already fought T4 ships with my T3 destoyer (before the hotfix,not upgraded) and I have to say that if the team is playing at least a little tactical you can overcome T4 without getting heart attacks. I just refuse to believe that my beloved T3 Cattaro in all its pride is doomed to idleness....

Sorry for that inconveniece, I had some problems posting in here :-(

To get to the topic:

Did anyone of got into a match with his Tier3 ships in a veteran fleet?

I am trying hard for 14 hours now with queue-times around 1 hour before I cancel it, my longest run was 5 hours and 48 minutes without ANY successful matchmaking. (I have screenshots to prove this).

Now, the forum tells me that some unlucky guys still get matched against some Tier4. How did the T4 find matches when I cannot in 14 hours? Isn't it highly unlikely that I get not matched even once in that time?

Hanging in the queue for 5:48 and cancelled it. Its an easy 2 Tier 3 shipsetup which cant find ANY match in this is that possible?

As you wont have any higher traffic if you continue the way you recently drove in, is there any other solution you are working at to fix that ++++ problem in a very reasonable time?

How is that possible? I am waiting for 5 hours now to join a Tier 2-4 battle....

Have Fun.

Currently I am on 3h:43m......even with low pop I should have been in battle once...but nay....the matchmaking button isnt even faded out... Nuthing is going on, thats for sure.

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Hm. There used to be in issue (way back in alpha) where the queue would drop you after a certain time. Since you seem committed to experimenting, why not try if frequently requeuing helps? ^^

I mean, even if it doesn't work you at least have something to do XD

Well, I did and do. I am playing "Tyranny" while waiting.....this is the 4th or 5th time I requeued (each time 1hour+), but now I want to break the records of queuing-time.