Becoming ridiculous...2:13smilex now

Anything would help, I am in the 4th queue running more then 1 HOUR... I came back from grocery shopping and the queue is still pending....

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How do you like the look of all the new ships though?

From ALL the NEW SHIPS I have seen ONE, thats the Tier 3 Destroyer. Nothing more, you know the reasson. To

anwer the question: The T3-Destroyer looks way less agressive then the previous Destroyers. From what I can say from seeing the small pictures this goes on. Too much casing and strange forecastle for my taste.

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Since there is very little reason to que Veteran


The VERY REASON is that now that I got my desired ship in Tier 3 (the tree starts here) I am forced to play at least veteran. Thats it!

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Like Christian mentioned, right now with populations the way they are, you're not alone in queue times. I waited for 25 minutes a bit ago. I got to catch up on some TV while I waited which was nice, but I really wanted to get in and blow up some ships. We've got some strategies in place for increasing the current population, but we have to tighten some bolts before that goes out. It should be within a few days that these queue times go down.

Thanks for sticking with us and giving us feedback on it!

As I said in the "Today in Dreadnought" topic, why dont you let us queue for Recruit and Veteran Fleet at the same time? Or let us play a training match?

And now your adivice is I should bring in a TV and start watching, which will be nice?!

That the queue time will even more prolong was predictable and you got no solution at hands?! It will be again in "...a few days"?!

What is with my premium time? I want it to be measured when I am online (though not in a fight cause queueing). What does ELITE STATUS grants to me? Prefered Matchmaking?! Obviously not. Its NOTHING.

Will it be refunded or will you tell us again like in the (PSA: Ship Credit Cost Adjustments & More Matchmaking Changes)

""Hey thanks for your service... But now I have the used of it, I won't even give you anything to worth your time." ?

Now what?!

2 Tier 3 Vessels,thats it.....and its 1:12:and seconds now

Sitting there for some 30 minutes now without the matchmaking button fading out, how about

letting the player choose to apply for ANY FLEET (or at least for Recruit and Veteran)?

(Or give me the option to enter my mobile number so I get a message when matchmaking has actually started...)

Edit: 32 mins on Veteran with only 2 Tier 3 ships in the fleet

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(for those who dont go the Forums overview)

I am one of those "bumblebees" with the 2 packs and GP purchased, and though I am much more unwilling then before 1.3 to spend real money, I still would do so if the chance would be given. I would spend it in good old World-of-Creditcards manner for exchanging GP to Credits. That was my attitude 2 days ago.

With todays (or whenever it finlly comes) price-fixing patch no refund will be given (but a "thank you very much") - thats a BAAAMMM in my face.Reading all through the forum and taking a closer look to the things mentioned like tech-tree (that will be in game no matter the costs), random placement of officer briefings, ship(s) and trees I dislike (not to say hate) I feel even more BAAAMMM in my face. Within a couple of days you guys transformed me from a money-spending "bumble" to a"****-it-where can I get my money back" -guy.

I dont have the time and will to play the whole day, but I am willing to spend money to ENJOY a GAME.

DD is not in this category anymore.

Yours - KK