Did I miss something and the game isn't in closed Beta any longer?!

If it is still CLOSED BETA it would explain the limited player base (hence the time waiting for battle).

If it is still CLOSED BETA it would explain the lack of content as the game is most likely still in development.

But again, I might have missed the release... smile

I dont know if DN_bluefire579 bug summery is up to date and complete, but I miss one (for me) important point:


The bonus HP from "Reinforced" disappears magically when getting healed in a felt 1/3 of the time.

Unsure if the negative effect (slower Modul cooldown) vanishes as well.

It's a nightmare to charge in and noticing the lack of a 4000 HP. I already had 2 chief engineers along with their armoring crews being executed and would have continued, but now my yeoman told me that this is simply a bug. (that bug is known for at least some months and I thought it had been fixed) smile



These glitches seem to appear only with TALIONIS in hangar:

- during selection and 3-D-preview process the camoflage and camo-pattern only flash up for half a sec, then back to normal

- during Character creation (clothing, color, etc...) your Char is shown in some sort of office, a steamy window behind where you can see your current ship. pressing the mouse button you can alter the view angels and look around. if the Tali is in the hangar, the camera snaps back in a second.

Thank you for the insight, Snib and Jawayne.

Tuning Destroyer for HP now.

Thank you for the insight Jawayne and Snib.

Trimming Destroyer for HP then smile

Is it really that simple? Are you sure the Damage Resistance is nothing else then an HP buff?

I thought of it like that:

Talionis Reinforced: 26500 HP

Talionis S&S + Engineerin101 = base HP 22500 + 16,5% Damage Resitance.

Now,just an example, both ships get hit by a Nuke which deals 27000 (just assuming).


- Talionis Reinforced is destroyed (-500 HP)

- Talionis S&S + 101 is destroyed, too, but only pretty close (-45 HP)

Reason: 27000 - 16.5% = 22545 (the effective Nuke damage)

Edit: I see, the best would be the S&S 10%-Damage Reduction (Nuke would hit with 24300) + the HP gain of Reinforced, which would make the Nuke survivable, leaving you with 2200 HP.

Still unclear if Damage Resistance works that way.

Very educational, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Now,while reading your post a question came up:

What is more useful: Damage Resitance or more HP ?

While the "Reinforced" HP-gain can be seen in battle (Talionis gets around 4000 extra), the effect of "Engineering101" with its 6.5% Dmg-Resistance is hard to measure thing for me.

Combined with "Slow & Steady" the effect would be 16.5%, which is, in my eyes, pretty remarkable. Not sure though if it beats the extra HP.

Thank you ship parts....that's interesting....the plot in my head is not working any longer now :-)

I have heard that one shall be able to collect debris after/during battle (or perhaps in the single player story mode) that can be added to your vessel. Maybe it's like archaeology: You enter a system or planets orbit where tons of scrap and debris from a battle long ago is floating around and you start scavenging the parts of famous ships....but who knows what the creators of this lovely game are up to ;-)

Hope that doesn't violate the NDA, all I can say it doesn't have something to do with Hero Ships in particular, that was my impression. There were no Hero Ships at all in Alpha. But Ships could be "upgraded" and afaik I read in the official forum some time ago that they keep this feature.

That was the name, Fall of Troy.