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What are you hoping to hear from the forum?

You're probably expecting the usual "git good" & "yeah, that sucks but you can't always carry the team" responses.

The only one with the power to win is you.
The only one with the power to lose is you.
You can always do better.
But you'll never become a better you by looking at others.

Honestly, I'm not looking for spiritual enlightenment while playing this game. You need to take a step back and look at what you actually wrote...

I'm just getting bored.

I find myself saying each match "Why are you doing that?" or "where is my team?" more then anything.

A corvette takes the same attack run 8 times in a row and no one thinks to shoot at it.

Ships ignoring their allies firing lines.

Trying to hit ships that I can't see over my own ship model.

Hero ships that always get a kill before they are killed themselves.

Its too hard for a f2p to just have good fun matches so, that's it. Best on team damage, killstreak and kills in match after match doesn't really mater if you watch the rest of your team acts like retards and get slaughtered around you.

Solo que sucks.

I don't think the game will do well out of beta. It's development is WAY to focused on the game itself and not the community playing. It hasn't developed the player loyalty to keep a large number of players in the game. It has no heart, people will see it as a niche gimmick and then give up on it within 3 months after launch. No plans for sustainability and you can see that just by look at the forums here and on reddit. They have very low activity.

They do realize they are up against star citizen, right? That's the genre of players they are digging into to get players for this game.

As much as I like good mechanics in a game, what I believe makes or breaks it is the community.

I strongly recommend opening functions for the platform that allows guilds (likely to be called contingents or clans here) to form. This game excels at team play and needs it to survive.

Mech Assult 2 Multiplayer had a good system and it would likely fit well with this game. The premise was a large galactic map with nodes. To control a node you played a match and won. It gives people a goal and a potential to earn rewards as a group for playing towards a common goal. As deadnaught is essentially a flying version of mech assult with healers, I see the ideas being fairly compatible.

Perhaps do like Eve and force players into npc corporations to start. This way everyone uses the system, learns and adapts to the game in such a way that supports the private guilds that would form later on.

I think it would also help with balencing. Since you would be balencing ships entirely for their role in coordinated team fights, vs. balencing them for soloplay and personal combat potential. They are two very distinctively different styles of play.


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You say that like they don't already have to rely on flying skills to hit their target. If you don't have the luxury to be aware, then you don't have the luxury of being alive :p I've seen maybe one or two zaratans total in the past week, so I'm not sure what place you're seeing these "money ships breaking the game".

Why are you commenting on something you haven't experienced? Two? Go play more matches.

Easy, make the ship with the ram module on 'always' appear on radar. It wouldn't matter where you were looking, you would know where those ships are, forcing them to rely on their flying skills (lolz) to hit their target.

The issue I find with countering ram, is that my turrets aim at where I'm looking. If I'm on the front line, I don't have much luxury to do 360's with my camera every 10-15 seconds, taking the turrets off my target, to check for incoming kamakazies. Being that to avoid the threat I have to be aware of their pressence before they reach a 10km.

Also, all the ramming ships I'm seeing are heroic. Aka, its the real money ships that are breaking the balence of the game.

I don't want to play in recruit, its boring, too many pve'rs that don't know how to fly their ship under fire. So please fix this.

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There is Proving Grounds with only bots on enemy side and real peeps, also hit and duck/peek-a-boo is best strat for early arties. The thrust momentum you get from Energy to Engine i so small and mostly dependant on ship manuevrabilty rating

While I don't discredit the need for ai battles to refine player skills, I don't belive it solves this problem. It might actually make things worse. AI matches should be used for easy wins or perfecting a certain technique. Hit and run-corvette, peek-a-boo-destroyer, accurate warpjump-dreadnaught. Being bad at these in a normal match lets you die pretty quick so having an opponent that doesn't kill you right away lets you observe the problem for longer and 'see' what your doing wrong. (A normal match might not even give you the chance to learn as you are forced into the ship your team needs and not the one your want to learn)

In school, one might understand the concept of 'labs.' These labs are not free-for-all randomness. They are designed to make a student realize a fact in a particular way which is what I'm suggesting. Its not a match, its a lesson with varing levels of diffculties and minor rewards to get people to try it.

Follow an AI fleet to see how a formation looks and where you should position yourself in it -
Set up nav becons to teach a pilot how to fly some recommended routes in a match -
Set your fleet somewhere out of radar range and tell them to find it -
Tell an artillary cruiser to set up in a particular area to see how it works out -

The players don't have to follow these tactics, but they would have a chance to learn them. And I don't think it should be hard to make. You have a full team fly a particular way, record it, and then take one out to let the player play the roll.

Personally, I believe this game needs a training grounds. There is no consitency between tactics on what players should do once they enter a match, and I believe its the game's responsibility to provide at least an outline of a strategy for the players to adapt to, and then work up from. This is not as much as an issue with teamplay but for playing while playing with a full team of randoms in the lower tiers... Its kind of boring. Players have no idea how to position, approach or prioritize against enemy threats.

I would also like to see less boost to thust, on accent and decent as a result of energy use. In matches I'm currently being reminded of counterstrike where people with snipe peak out from corners and then hide before the the salvo even hits. These are freakin dreadnaughts, not tinkerbells... the game "peek-a-boo" should not be a viable tactic for them.