That is a lovely picture, I have never seen before.
And, say no to shame walling! >.<

Alright, I have played about a dozen Veteran Matches and I just uninstalled the game about two minutes ago.

I don't see any fun in Veteran. I was using my T3 Tactical Cruiser as you suggested. But it never mattered at the and what I did. The sole deciding factor in every single match was the number of maximum level players. I assume the tripple crosses refere to that. Every single match I played the winning team had more of those tripple crosses.

I can't find the motivation to strugle to get a better ship, so I can obliterate all the weaker ones. T4 ship outclass T3 ships in every single way. In my experience, in Recruit Tactical Cruisers are stronger than corvettes, however in Veteran my Tactical Cruiser had no chance against a T4 Corvette. It destroyed my ship in 2 seconds.

Then there are these atrocious messafes like: "leave we are farming" This was one of the T4 corvettes huntig T3 ships. And my teammate who said "I don't get why people are so affraid of corvettes" talking from his fully upgraded T4 destroyer sportin three X next to his name.

So, this game is not fun after you leave Recruit. And that means there is no way for me to progress in the game any further, because I will not suffer through hours upon hours in my T3 just to do the same in a T4 so I can get the modules to be able to participate in a match.

I'm sad because I wanted this game to be fun and in the beggining it was but after today I won't play it until some major changes are implemented.

I guess a lot of other players think alike.


Thank you for the replies, especially for your advices.

I am really happy to hear that the UI is getting a redesign.

I have unlocked a few more T3 ships. I believe I have two T3 Tactical Cruisers. So, it seems I am all set to give Veteran another try.

I will write about my experience.


I sterted playing a few days ago. My favourite ship classes are Tactical Cruiser, Destroyer, Dreadnought in that order. I really enjoy playing recruit matches. I think Onslaught is the best game mode. The npc ships add so much life to it. Fighters flying in the distance smaller gunships(?) firing at eachother while the player controlled capitalships try the destroy/defend the command ships.

The game looks really good. It performs quite well even on epic settings. The sounds sometimes feel a bit weird, but I don't have any real issues with them. I love how officers talk during battles. "Enemy destroyer erm.. destroyed!"

It is great that you have a character, however I would love some more options to customize her appearance. Some sliders to change her facial features, maybe? I really don't like any presets besides the original one the game gave me. (black lady).

The menu ui is terrible. Every time I open the game it has 5-6 little windows scatered around. Navigating the menues feels unintuitive but I am getting used to it's structure. For some reason the back button never takes me where I expect it would. And, I hate that you have to wait for those huge pop-up icons everytime you unlock or buy a modul.

I don't understand why there is no full tactical map in every game mode like there is in conquest. I wish there was a way to change your radar's zoom level. Also I don't like that you cannot see your teammate's healthbars at all time. It makes healing a bit frustrating.

After playing two veteran matches using my T3 dreadnought I can tell you that I will never play another one ever again. My ship felt completely useless against the enemy ships. And my team was stomped on by the enemy both times. Such inbalance so unfair zero fun for me in veteran matches. As for how the game is at the moment I have no intention to play T3 ships at all.

Thats all.