I have 190K credits and when I want to purchase a module that cost 32K I got the mesage -1 credits

after i got the "press any key to start" mesage and I pres a key I got the mesage "eror 401" and "we can not authenthicate you" and i canot enter the game. I have an old acount befor steam, this problem exist after the last mantenance. After the stem launch I play but I lost all G points and credits, now I can not play at all. I sent tiket to suport, nothing hapend.
sry for bad english

same issue, lost all credits and GP points, and my ingame name is change to my email.

-2, I don't play on Steam, I don't like them.

no, T4 are similar wit T5, hp, dmg and oficcer briefing. On veteran I farm T3 with T4, but on legendary T5 dont farm me when I play with T4. Just me views, experience and opinion on the game.
Sry for bad english

T4 are comparable with T5, not with T3, veteran fleet should contain only T3, T4 go only legendary with T5, and that schould solved legendary inactiviti and balanced veteran fleet.


15 min waith and no match on legendary fleet, 5 time, "any" selected.
What is going on?