Thanks for your insight I went ahead and looked at some of the officer briefs and I think instead of Nav Expert you are probably better off going Engine Rigger so that when you set power to engines your movement speed is 100%.

That seems to do the same thing but with no down side. I haven't gotten it yet so I may be mistaken (any check?)

For the Comms Brief, Retaliator seems very good as long as you pop a speed mod then shield you can then get it back sooner.

For the Engineering Brief, It's a Trap seems to be the only choice (the other ones give benefits when being healed or giving you more HP but making you slower something the Oberon Vette's really don't need)

For the Weapons Brief, Glass Cannon seems really good provided you can get in unnoticed and undamaged the other options seem kinda bleh < 50% HP get 50% better reload or set energy to weapons increase mod Dmg and healing (might be useful if you had autorep)

If I have missed any combos or misunderstood the Briefs please let me know I still only have a T4 TAC (Aion) in my fleet now but working towards another T4 ship now.

Thanks for all the advice

Question about your guide you don't seem to mention anything about Officer Briefs.

Any reason why they seem very powerful.

Just curious seemed a big oversight.

New player here (approx. a week) and want to get some feedback and thoughts from other more experienced pilots about the game.

I have finished with my T1 and T2 ships and was super excited to get into my T3 ships and enjoy battles with more experienced teams and pilots. I am loving it! The pilots at this level are very knowledgeable about their ships and the game and it shows in the competition. The only way to get better is by playing a better opponent.

I have run into a bit of a conundrum though. While my T3 Destroyer the Otranto is almost completely researched I have very little silver to purchase the modules themselves. At first, I thought nothing of it but after a while decided to try to find out what’s going on. Figuring the likely answer is the maintenance fee I decided to uncheck auto pay.

It appears that the maintenance fee for losing a match is 900 silver wow! With all the other bonuses and stuff, I usually get only about 1500 to 1800 per match if I win sometimes lower if I lose. So it looks like I’m taking about a 50% hit to my income from playing these brackets.

I thought I might lessen the cost by removing some ships, but nope still 900 cost for a lost match. I decided to look up the maintenance mechanics. Seems that if you lose you pay the fee, if you lose and end up top 3 in your team you don’t have to (Not sure if there is a bug but this is not always the case sometimes I still had to pay even while in first place on my losing team). You also have to pay the cost if you end up getting put in a match in progress because of a leaver and the match ends not even a minute later. That was a nasty shock!

I did find a post advising to make the first ship in your fleet a T2 ship to lessen the cost. At the time of this writing that does seem to work. The cost for having a T2 ship in first slot was only around 700 and change.

Unfortunately, the cost of modules is so high I guess I’ll be going back to the recruit fleet and clubbing, especially since ships that are fully researched gain additional silver in order to purchase modules and ships for my T3 and veteran fleets.

I wonder if this will get adjusted, I am currently at a 1.53 win ratio. I can’t even imagine what it’s like trying to get silver with a 1.0 or lower win ratio.

Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated!