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An idea I would definity put money down for! Why don't you guy's sell extra attachment bundles for the ships! Color skins (for me) aren't much to invest in. Now throw in higher comms towers, different side moldings, change the front of the ship or rear of it or even add extra wings. Now what makes these extra attachments unique is that you should be able to attach them to almost all of the ships. What do you think of this idea?

Something that is very similiar to what you're describing is in the works after Steam launch. The teams are working on a collection of custom ship parts that are usable on any other ships of the same manufacturer and ship class called "Retrofits". We will be introducing Retrofits which essentially gives you the ability to change the look of your ship, geometrially! More information about Retrofits can be found here. We're all very excited to bring this to the marketplace!

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Every time I try to update the game it stops downloading at 55%.

What can I do?

How long have you been running the download? I would close any strenuous programs running in the background, disconnect any other devices on your network, and keep your computer connected via an ethernet cable for quickest download time. If nothing happens after keeping the download up for 24 hours, contact customer support.

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Well none of my purchases will be put back on my account. I fell through the cracks I guess. Well thank you all for your help and a forum mod can delete this I don't plan on playing if I can lose real life purchases, admittedly it is also my fault for putting money into a game that was in a closed/alpha beta (I dont think I put a cent in when it was in closed alpha).

If you spent money during closed beta phase, all of your purchases are reverted back to GP.

Per the features reset after January, 2017 we reset the following:

  • Captain rank

  • Tech Tree progress (weapons / modules unlocked or purchased)

  • Manufacturer Tree progress (ships unlocked and purchased)

  • Market purchases

  • Credits (formerly called Fleet Points [FP])

  • Matchmaking rank

Any bundles or ships purchased with GP were cleared from the inventory and reverted back to original GP amount you purchased them for so you can repurchase it again from the market. Hope that helps!

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DN_MiguelItUp#0468 posted (#post-223533) said:

I know that we've had a few reports regarding projectiles not firing when intended, or just not connecting when they clearly should be. We're still looking into it.

This is from today stream, I can report this happening consistently on many maps.
It can be map hitbox issue or Oberon arty turret issue.

Rewatching that video over and over it looks like the mountains seem to be blocking your shots at the end as you descend behind it for cover. I've brought this up with QA to test this. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Hey DavCZa, after some investigation our developers found that this is a known issue with Unreal Engine 4 that is also affecting other games that use UE4. We pushed the bug over to our developers so they can investigate a potential fix for users who use Czech keyboards. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Thank you Heretic. I haven't seen any reports since then but if you all come across this issue again, please let us know by contacting customer service or creating a new thread. Thanks guys!

Closing this thread.

Hey there, OseveThePaladin!

Since your issue is graphic related, the best way to get this issue resolved is with our technical support department. When you have a moment please send a ticket to them and they'll get back to you ASAP!

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PS4 issue:

I am not entirely sure if it is supposed to do this. ( I have read in many posts that it is NOT supposed to )

However when struck with the Scrambler pulse or mine I can confirm with almost 90% certainty that my Energy Wheel gets disabled.

I run Nav Expert on my Corvette and notice that my Power to Engines is off after I Blink away after being Scrambled ( when the effect clears )

In other situations I am very certain that I cannot put shields up ( although very difficult to confirm since the screen is completely obscured )

Can you maybe scale the effect back a bit so we can at least see the power wheel? Or add a audio cue when shields are activated? How is a player supposed to know if it is working as intended?

As-is Scrambler is the most hated and annoying attack in this game. Allowing it to disable the Energy Wheel makes it annoying and overpowered ( especially if combined with Disruptor )

I can try running more tests when I get home but is anyone else on PS4 experiencing this?

There will be some audio updates when we hit Steam launch to emphasize when you're stuck in a tight spot. The music will have a mood change depending on what crazy predicament that you're in, which is super cool in my opinion! PS4 will have the same treatment.

Anywho, I cannot confirm that this is a bug without seeing a video. Would you be able to record a scenario where this happens?

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Today I bought 10 modules on my Jutland that I had researched earlier. Each one gave the pop-up that it was purchased and equiped. I tried to claim my Monarch and I received an error, 'Something went wrong.' I relogged and all of the modules were researched, but no longer purchased and all my credits are still gone.

Edit - Logged back in and 3 of the 10 modules are purchased, hope the others show up eventually

Hey hey Talous!

Hmm, let's figure out what went wrong there. When you have a moment, please write a support ticket with the following information:

  • What are the names of the modules and the ships that you purchased them on?

  • Could you take a screenshot of the tech trees you purchased modules on?

  • How many credits did you have prior to purchasing these modules?

  • Were you purchasing these items while queued up for a match?

  • If yes to the previous question, did the match start when you purchased these items?

  • Were you doing anything else in the Hangar while purchasing these items?

We look forward to your ticket/response. Thank you!

Edit: I see that you already wrote in a support ticket. If you can add your answers to those questions in the ticket that would be helpful! Thanks again!

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hmm, I use storms and I've never seen them bypass shields. Does this happen every time they're used against you, or only occasionally?

Are you sure you're not being hit by an energy drain pulse the moment before they hit you? If a Vindicta's swooping in close enough to fire storms, they'd easily get in range to drain you. Storms will kill both the ships you were piloting in one salvo if that was the case.

You make a valid point. When an energy drain hits you the moment before the storm missiles hit you, it will remove your shields giving you no protection and no energy to use other means of escape or damage reduction. If you have a video of this issue it would be better to determine what is going on here.