Pershingrifle#4145 posted (#post-222898) said:

I'm trying to log in as of July 1, 2018 and the game states that ther servers are down. Does anyone have an information on how long the Dreadnought servers will be down?

Hey Pershingrifle, this is a fairly old post that is unrelated to the issue you're describing. Please contact our customer service department and they'll be able to help you out.

Closing this thread to avoid future bumps.

As long as you've uploaded the image to a host, you can also try shortening the URL by using websites like google URL shortener or Bitly you can use the 'insert image' code and post it without any issues.

Welcome to all new Captains! Have fun in the battlefield!

Dick_Dastardly#2148 posted (#post-222845) said:

I haven't played in a long time. I booted up the game and hit play. Waited over 5 min and still no game. Is this game just played at certain times of the day or something?

I'd like to mirror everything that has already been said in this thread.

A few things I'd like to ask:

  1. When are you queueing up? Provide your timezone.

  2. Are you queueing for Recruit, Veteran, or Legendary?

  3. What modes are you queuing up for?

  4. Have you tried requeueing for a match?

All these factors play a big part in getting into the game. I recommend playing in Recruit or Veteran and setting the mode as Any.

PowerPunch#0869 posted (#post-222830) said:

I have spend several days updating this game and when it finally finishes I cant get past the play button. I click Play Dreadnought and it seems to start for a few seconds and then stops and re-appear like I haven't clicked it yet. I try again several times but get the same result as the first one. What can I do to fix this?

Hey PowerPunch!

Due to the issue being very specific to your computer, I'd recommend contacting customer service about your issue. You can link this forum post in your ticket as reference. We hope we can get you into the game soon!

Hypervolt#4192 posted (#post-222748) said:

-PK-WickedJester#9619 posted (#post-222734) said:

Today I've noticed that when I farm Artilery Cruisers and Tactical Cruisers as a Corvette I normally have to reload once on a level 3 without amplifying my weapons at all before they go down as a Level IV. Today, I've had to reload 4 times and noticed my damage about half of what it was.

I'm guessing we finally got the nerf bat on our top dmg with guns. Anyone else seeing this?

As an artillery main, I can say that corvettes become easier and easier to take out as you gain experience in the game. It is also worth mentioning that artillery cruisers (Im pretty sure) have the strongest shields other than corvettes, at 80% damage reduction. Long story short, unlike other classes, the corvette becomes "harder" to play as you progress and other players at your skill level become more experienced. I, for example, have my shields set to a button on the side of my mouse and it has become habbit for me to pring them up whenever I see a corvette on my radar or hear the VRRRT of the JA corvette's main guns!

Very true, Hypervolt! This is also something I've noticed maining Artillery Cruisers. Yes, Corvettes are very annoying in the early game but when you start building on your ships, knowing how to maneauver from a bad situation (medium artys have a limited aim direction), and what modules to put on your baby (having 2 loadouts prepped is handy) it can really make a Corvette main very upset. Know what kind of Artillary Cruiser you're going up against and take advantage of their weaknesses.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-222743) said:

I know this is going to sound harsh, but I really don't mean it to, theses are all l2p issues. Use cover and gap closing modules to take out artillery ships. Flak eat corvettes, and don't be afraid to move to the corvette. A corvettes biggest weapon is the eliment of surprise. A drain/disruption will make a corvette run/easy target, same for artillery ships.

I think Belial makes a good point. In my opinion, you should try to learn all of the classes to counter ships that you have difficulity playing against. Even though you aren't fond of corvettes or artillary cruisers, learn about them. Know who you're going up against. Know their weaknesses. Once you get familiar with these ships and what modules they have, you can prep your fleet with different ships so that you can better adapt to the situation.

KaseyWolf#8902 posted (#post-222731) said:

says that the server isnt responding and i can download from other sites. like winrar is fine but your server seem to be getting attacked or something i guess :/

Hey KaseyWolf!

There are a number of things that could be affecting your download:

  1. How far you are from the servers

  2. How fast your internet's download speed is

  3. If there is anything else running on your network (Other devices on, family/friends sharing the same network)

I would keep the download running until it's complete. If you are still having issues after leaving it running, please contact our customer support team. They'll be able to help you out!

Hey Capt_Fael, there will be a lot of updates to come on both PC and PS4 aiming on the look-n-feel of the game overall, specifically the Hangar. Check out the stream we uploaded on our YouTube Channel to get a preview of these changes! We're glad that you're enjoying the game thus far!

BJARKOS#0614 posted (#post-222635) said:

Dear dev,
I'm use the PC version and i'm dream one VR version ... it's on the air or not ?
Thank you

This isn't currently in our scope but I personally think Dreadnought in VR would be really awesome to see! Thanks for the comment!

I play Dreadnought on PC under the tag DN_VAQSeeN. Hope to see y'all on the battlefield!