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So I just came from watching a youtube export of someone's stream, and frankly it gave me a stomach ache. The guy was happily chatting to his like 3 viewers on another screen about their vacation and whatnot, and not even watching the actual game window more than half the time. In fact, he didn't even look at the game window at all the first two minutes of the round. I'm not exaggerating. It was lietrally 2 minutes on the round timer. That's like 15 to 20 percent of the whole round for most matches.

Look, I get it that having a whole 3 viewers at a time must be an exciting thing for some people, but... you know... there are 7 more "viewers" on your team, getting slaughtered and wondering WTH is that guy doing, and why did he just feed by mindlessly pushing forward instead of taking cover or activating the shields.

And that's really my whole point. If it's some stream of The Sims or another single player game, knock yourself out. If the kitchen burns down and your sims die while you're chatting and looking at the other screen, it didn't affect anyone else. Heck, it may be even funny for the guys watching you be slapstick bad at it. But if it's a multiplayer TEAM game, please do try to give at least a reasonable amout of effort to the people on your TEAM. Ruining 7 other people's game by literally contributing less to the TEAM than a bot isn't even fun to watch, much less to be one of those 7.

Pretty please?

I see this happening a lot in streams for other games too. The only thing you can do is push that member of your team to get it together and move. I know it can get frustrating when a member isn't fully with it... Encourage them to get in there, group up, and fight. I know in games when someone is AFK at base/spawns, alerting the guy and utlizing chat wakes them up.

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Cant even tell people GG ..

Hey there, that is really strange... How often does this occur? Would you be able to record a video of the issue occurring?

Please send all the information to our customer service team here.

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DN_VAQSeeN#4882 posted (#post-223049) said:

[...] I don't believe this is an exploit as it doesn't benefit them, and you can line up your shots or modules to kill them. [...]

Actually, with good builds, its extremely beneficial. For exemple

In addition to heal themselves and their allies and potential overclock pulse uses, the tac can affect the battlefield a lot with artillery pods and mines. Same goes for the artillery cruisers with their range and their ability to prevent missiles and nukes. As for the bouncing, it can help against rams.

Thanks for the clarification! If any of you spot someone doing this please record a video of it so I can forward this to the right department to get this looked at. Thanks guys!

You can send the video to our customer service department here.

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While playing today i noticed a strategy that i personally dont think is very fair and should probably be fixed.

The last two games ive played have had groups of tactical and artilleray cruisers flying straight up to the ceiling in the middle of the map and just keeping on the lift thrusters so that it causes their ship to unrealistically and uncharacteristically bounce off the skybox and jerk around making it nearly impossible for the enemy to hit them even tho theyre wide open with no cover. Needless to say those games were hard losses with the losing team barely making any xp or credits.

it wasnt very fun. if anyone has any counters to this strategy please let me know, and dont tell me to just do the skybox thing cuz i like to keep things honorable.

What you're describing isn't something I've seen in any of my games. Would you be able to record a video of this tactic? I don't believe this is an exploit as it doesn't benefit them, and you can line up your shots or modules to kill them. But then again I haven't seen this in action myself so seeing a video would clear things up. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

I can't un-see it!

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Hahahaha I know right?

Just left a match where 2 Tier V Nevis Corvettes and a Tier V Jupiter Tac absolutely ate our faces. It was the first match I've bailed on in about 3 weeks.

Seriously my Dreadnought - MY F'ing Dreadnought got crushed by the Tac alone.

It was a Scramble mine $h1tshow with the Corvettes. You are probably whining about tier iv Corvettes that don't use Scrambler mines. Scramblers mines in a corordinated squad will be the sole reason I stop playing. It is a $h1t tactic used by $h1t players that I hope get in a real life flaming car wreck on their way to work or high school or whatever these f.ucks do

The Dreadnoughts are a complete embarassment.

I wouldn't take it that far...

I'm curious to know what your guy's strategy is? What kind of ships do you have in your fleet? Corvettes are extremely vulnerable and have very low HP. There are ways to take down these pesky guys. It also helps if you ping their location so the team is aware of where they are!

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I already have the Windows media player but it still crashes do you have any ideas how to fix it? thanks for the answer

Hey Fidisek, thanks for reporting this issue. I would recommend sending a ticket to our customer service department. They'll be able to help you out!

Closing this old thread out.

Hey there, S1l3nt-Kn1ght! You will need to uninstall the game and reinstall it to the location you desire. You can follow these steps on this Grey Box Support page for details!

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Sorry if these already exist I looked through 5 pages and didn't see anything on it. I didn't look very hard though.
I've only been playing for maybe 2 days (11 hours-ish in total, I think) not very long.

Click to skip the 'buying a new thing' animation.

Click to skip the "Show top 3 players" things.

A more obvious "Back" button, I know it's there but after my first game, I sat there looking at the 30 second blinking orange button thinking it would auto send me back. Then I just sat there like an idiot wondering why it hadn't taken me back to the hanger.

Thankfully I figured it out 2 minutes later.
Anyway, just make it a bit more obvious for us idiots. Like, make it bigger... or more orange, or something... I unno.

The new UI will fix all of these. I am positive you will enjoy navigating in the hangar when it is done. Sit tight!

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Just tried your game...did 10 games and had alot of success. However, I found your game suffers form a HORRIBLE problem that makes it just unfun: pocket healers. I have no problems iwth a healing class, but when a player has a dedicated healer, they are able to roll over anyone who does not have their own pocket healer. Really NOT FUN for players who log on without a friend or 2 in tow.

Cant reccommend this game in its current state. Looks fun, but the mechanics are far from ready for a release imo

Comms and teamwork is key, even if you don't have a friend by your side to voicechat with you while breaking down those healers. Ping the ships you want to take down so that people on your team know who to focus.