Jedi G



If this chart is to be belived then this is how big the ships are compared to both Star Wars and Star Trek. But going be the windows on the ships themselvs, they should be much bigger I'd think.


Yes, I have the saem problem. My aim reticle is always yellow and while I have not tested it, it does seem that I alwasy have a damage penalty.

What is the lowest nessesary "Ping" needed to play Dreadnought.

I ussualy have over 1 mbps download and around 0.5 mbps upload but my ping fluctuates.

I might just get it if the "Vanguard 'Welcome' Bundle" is a timed thing though.

I was just about to buy the "Vanguard 'Welcome' Bundle", I think I'll wait until this is resolved.

To fully research a ship, do you also have to unlock both the next tier of the ship as well as the other ship at the bottom of the tech-tree?