Je te remercie de ta réponse mais je ne la comprends pas.

Je ne crois pas qu'on puisse manuellement faire péter le missile au moment où on le souhaite, du coup je suppose que tu veux dire qu'il faut passer sur énergie->arme juste avant l'impacte, c'est ça ?


Je voudrai savoir comment marche cette technique d'officier.

Par exemple avec le module missile nucléaire d'un dread (celui qui se téléporte par le haut) est ce qu'il faut que je passe mon énergie sur arme avant de tirer et que je garde ce choix jusqu'à l'impacte ou bien est ce que je peux passer sur bouclier ou vitesse avant l'impacte ?

Ed_Anger#9258 posted (#post-131743)

Better yet, put energy control on the D-pad

yep could be good with r3 reload, l3 change weapon, click on the touchpad to show the leaderboard

Senoj Nol#6687 posted (#post-131646)

I don't see how a r3 click can choose between 4 choices. I sure don't want to have to cycle through them.

pressing r3 will show the energy wheel, then you move the stick up, down, left or right to pick the energy needed.

Can you add a mapping which show the energy wheel by pressing R3 instead of using the touch pad ?

In a fight while moving the right thumb from R3 to the touch pad we can lost the focus on the ennemi ship.

thx for your reply.

I will wait for the new system then, I can't spend money into maintenance, I've to save credits for ships.


I've unlocked a tier 3 ship and I started to play with it in veteran mode.

After my game it says that my ship is under maintenance unless I spend some coins.

I was wondering, if I buy a new tier 3 ship will it be also in maintenance mode ?

It is the 1st time I play this kind of game and I don't know how works maintenance. Can someone explain it to me ?

How can I remove the maintenance mode without spending money ?

Also do we earn more XP and coins when playing en veteran ?