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  • Drain Pulse duration lengthened from 1.5 seconds to 10 seconds

  • Drain Pulse cooldown lengthened from 5 seconds to 30 seconds

    • Drain Pulse now appropriately matches its description

OH YEAH! Time to dust off the vindicta!

I blame the continued erosion of the word 'Beta' in the game industry. Once upon a time, in days of yore, a Beta was exactly that: a period of testing and tweaking, and lo, people did expect things to be broke.

Now, with game companies often using the word to excuse inadequacies in an unpolished yet released product, people expect a game in Beta to be closer to a polished commercial title when they sign up - and are surprised and disappointed when they find a game like DN that actually is a beta, with beta issues.

I'd tell your friends to instead take a break. Come back in a month or two.

The thing I find most annoying about drains, is that they affect everyone equally, yet punish different ships differently.

You have these nimble little corvettes, which are in essence 48% engine, 48% weapons, 4% uncomfortable seating, which take the same amount of drain as an enormous dreadnought, bristling with weapons and (you'd expect) redundant system design.

Why should they take the same drain damage? You'd think the designers of the Jutland would have thought about what would happen to the ship if a drain torpedo hit it - yet if it is drained, it's in a whole lot of trouble, and it has the added bonus of having the maneuverability of a beached blue whale to get itself out of danger.

Corvettes and destroyers at least have a little speed up their sleeves to get to cover, and if they do die, they're back in the fight in no time, whereas dreads have to plod their way slowly back to the frontlines.

I think larger ships should have drain/status resistance. The light ships in each line should have no resistance, maybe 20% for the mediums, and 33% or so for heavy ships - with bonuses for Dreadnoughts.

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it has been reported. just not somewhere public because, you know.


Well, overpowered cat's out of the bag now, I guess.

Great! Let the slaughter begin!

Despite some of the naysayers, I think the game is in a decent beta-state (once the earning issues are fixed). If I could suggest anything, it would be to update the known issues page and advertise it a little, maybe in a welcome post to new players, or at the top of the forums like the 'patch 1.42 is now live' header.

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Cool, thanks!

It sounds like the sensitivity or angle-thresholds etc. are tuned in a way that make them harder to activate when used quickly.

Would be nice to find out how many players feel the same.

As we would need to find the right tuning that is best for the majority, e.g. if we make the sensitivity lower for (weapon, shield, thrust), it might be harder to turn the Energy OFF.

I have the same issue.

I often find it extremely difficult to select the desired power option, especially in the heat of battle.

If i'm not going serpentine, it's not too bad if I make exaggerated and careful mouse movements, but I prefer to train muscle memory and flick the mouse in the direction I need. Sometimes, however, I'll try 3 or 4 times to select the option I require, making me devote all my attention in battle to carefully selecting the right power option, instead of firing.

It seems to me that there's an issue with both the activation time of the wheel interface and the way the wheel sets center point when it activates - sometimes I activate the wheel and it already seems to be pointing at a power option.

Couldn't find much mention of it in the forums, but my search attempt was half-hearted at best.

Drain Pulse is bugged on the Vindicta - the cooldown is a moderately overpowered 5 seconds or so instead of the advertised 30 seconds.

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If you want to post constructive feedback that people will listen to, don't swear at or insult them. You just come across as thinking your entitled and no one will listen, even if you have a valid point. Treat people with respect and you will get it back.


OP, there's a difference between constructive criticism and childish ranting. There are also far easier and more respectful ways to ask for higher credit payouts and changes to tier balancing.

On the other hand, there is no faster way to alienate a developer and turn away reasonable forum goers than to post like you just did, even if there are valid points buried in that vitriol.

Some fantastic advice here, but i'll throw in my 10 cents with one of my favorite tips:

Split the healer's focus.

... but only leading up to a direct attack on the healer.

It's not a specific hard counter, it's more of a tactical playstyle. Works well against defensive teams too.

I know it goes against the whole 'focus fire' credo that is normally so essential for victory, but If you keep pouring shots into that same easy-to-hit-because-it's-not-even-TRYING-to-hide Dreadnought flaunting it's invulnerability at you, you not only make the healer's job easy; you also allow them the opportunity to set aside some brain cells (and energy) to fuel their self preservation instincts.

If, however, you split your fire between more than one target, (to the point where you start doing decent hull damage) you force the healer to think of more than one thing at once. Soon, they'll be topping targets up to full, then wasting precious seconds looking for their next healing target, only to find that there are several. They'll then need to start prioritizing healing, will invariably expend more energy healing, will have to heal targets further away, and will usually end up busy enough for you to slowly close the distance to them and put pressure on them directly while they have little energy remaining to spend on defence.

As for the tools to finish the job; any decent corvette, a faster destroyer (with Ram, or Storm missiles, both work) or my favourite, a faster Dreadnought with Flak and a broadside saved up. Save up all your cooldowns, charge in close, hit them with status (disrupt, drain, scramble) and then ruin them.

Oh, also, if you see a vulnerable healer, call attention to it! F, down mouse, ATTACK MY TARGET CHUMPS.