Depends on where you're from, most, I think. I'm in AU, so I get a bit of both peak/off peak play. Peak, I average 4-6 minutes, off peak, 6-10, with the odd outlier out to 15+ minutes.

In groups the wait times are much, much longer.

It's been a little longer than normal lately though, and i'm laying blame for that solely at the impending wipe for 2.0. Many players have commented that they're waiting for that, rather than grinding new rank that they're about to lose anyway.

TsurugiSan#0974 posted (#post-44532)

Just started CBT, grabbed Nox first. Why am I looking at a ship that has 4 turrets for it's main cannons, but only one of them ever fires at a time. Up, down, broadside, head on, retreating - you would think that there would be enough depression in these futuristic cannons that there would be a benefit to having SO many canons on a ship! If you go back to the sailing ship days and metal battleships, the dreadnoughts had the biggest and baddest of weaponry and God help anyone on the receiving end when they all converged on one point.

I can only imagine what it'll feel like when I get into a Dread, turn broadside, and pew pew pew... with a lower-case 'pew'....

Though it's not 100% realistic, the theory is that there's only enough power to fire one/a select few main guns at once - the differing locations are just to ensure that you have something approaching 100% coverage around you without actually having to turn your ship.

Dreads and destroyers actually fire several of their guns at once.

Exadius#0530 posted (#post-44428)

So My question is

What is the best way/ship to counter them?

If it's a lower level 'vette captain, there are lots of counters (IMHO).

As people have mentioned, situational awareness is the biggest counter, as corvettes are by far the most vulnerable on their approach. Show them early that you aren't willing to put up with their guff, and they'll be much more cautious in approaching your team. If you spot one and throw any type of obstacle between them and their target, like missiles, a tractor beam (it's only really useless on fleeing vettes), broadsides, or accurate main gun fire, they'll usually either veer off, or explode.

If, however, you want for them to make their attack before you try to deal with them, you have little chance of making a kill, as their escape abilities are peerless, and they are stupidly hard to hit with main guns when retreating. It never stops the entire team from belatedly trying though, which actually plays into the vette's favour, as all that ineffectual fire lest the rest of the enemy close effectively unopposed.

As far as direct ship counters go, Dreads with Armour Amp counter vettes simply by being impossible to kill, and too dangerous to approach if the dread captain has tractor, broadsides or flak. While you're not guaranteed to kill them, you can reliably make them flee if you're always willing to deal with them immediately.

Destroyer wise, my Vindicta is set up for vette hunting: Disruptor, storm missiles, drain, boost, engine rigger. Fast enough to keep up, drains get through those pesky invulnerability shields, disruptor to pause and reset cooldowns, and once shields are down, 4 shots of flak are usually enough to seal the deal. If I spot them on approach, throwing a cloud of storm missiles in their face pretty much guarantees a kill too.

Purge beam also works wonders, and this is pretty much the only situation where the Catarro isn't completely useless (in a solo group anyway, they can be decent in well coordinated teams). You just need to spot them early. Aions work too, to a lesser extent.


If you're facing any semi-decent captain with ABW, there are far fewer counters.

ABW can pretty much one shot a Vindicta by itself. I see people claiming that it's 'hard to aim', but i've encountered several pilots who are able to hit me while i'm in full serpentine mode so easily that you might as well consider ABW to be auto-targetting. Throw all their other attack abilities into the mix, and you have an alpha strike potential that can make short work of ANY ship that isn't under the effect of a survivability cooldown. The only way i've found to deal with them is to go all out, save all your cooldowns for them and them alone, call fire on them from the rest of the team, and hope you can at least make them work a little for their kills.

grumble grumble

Yeah, the MM struggles with teams; the game population isn't remotely high enough to sustain any sort of fair matchmaking with even PUGS, let alone groups.

The guys you faced probably clicked launch before the last ice age ran it's course, and the MM finally threw up it's hands and decided they should be rewarded by making 5 other poor saps feel the pain of unavoidable annihilation - and unless the enemy team has been driven by boredom to do something stupid like run an all Aion team, your defeat is absolutely inevitable.

When this happens, I tend to pick one enemy player to ruin, and base the entire team strategy around killing them over and over. Chat with your team at the start. Pick a victim. Tell your teammates to target no-one else. Charge, die gloriously, repeat.

If you're going to lose horribly, might as well try and ruin at least one other person's game smile

I'm predominantly a solo player, so the team size changes are very welcome. Your average PUG has close to 0 chance against even a mildly competent team with voice comms, so this should help even the playing field a little.

As for the team size changes, it will be interesting to see how some ships fare against the collectively increased DPS that will be thrown around. I'm wondering if Dreads will need even more support than usual to survive on the front lines.

Nice changes smile

Immociide#3428 posted (#post-43280)

You lost me once you started naming off completely different games. The only game you mentioned that i still play is overwatch. Quiet honestly if you think healing is op in that game.... Then you should stop playing anything that requires you to think.

I mean to counter a healer is very easy. Attack said healer. You're welcome to try it out!

I personally love playing a healer in this game. In most games somebody usually picks a healer and the games when nobody does.... I do.

I'm with you.

DN is the first game to really capture my attention and imagination as a healer. It's tense, tactical, and rewarding; trying to balance out the need to remain close enough to your team to actually heal them, while dodging incoming fire and trying to deal with the horrifying thought of a decent corvette pilot hunting you.... it's just great fun.

I don't think healers are OP at all. I think they add a lot more tactical depth to your average fight - and they have benefits and drawbacks. While they afford a team much better survivability, every healer taken also provides a significant hit to the overall DPS a team is able to throw out. A heal heavy team excels at turtling and trading, but sucks against defending against an aggressive push - in my experience, anyway.

The issue with healers (IMHO) is that people seem unwilling to deal with them, at all, and are often frighteningly content to ignore healers completely if they aren't in a Corvette. They've been pampered by early rank fights where 'vette pilots are able to chew up low level Aions with impunity, and have been conditioned to ignore the fact that pretty much every combat ship in the game is more than capable of killing a healer, or at least pressure it into cowering.

But NOOOOOOO, throw your average player into a fight and they'll belligerently maintain tunnel vision, will ignore attack orders on healers, will avoid shooting at them AT ALL if there's any other target nearby that's easier to hit, and will eventually start whining in chat about Corvettes 'not doing their job'.

In any fight, your primary target should never be the ship at the end of the green laser streaming out from cover, unless of course said green laser is being applied from a loooooong way away.

Naris#8806 posted (#post-43753)

From picture above. Monarch Class is about 375 mates long from bow to stern and about 160 mates Beam

This size is equal USS Enterprise (CVN-65)

The scale there doesn't seem right though - using the windows and portholes as reference points make the ships seem much larger, especially when compared to the Enterprise above. I think Panzervcv is on to something.

If you look at some of the concept art, the ships seem much lager than 300-400m, especially when you use fighters as a comparison point. In the trailer especially, the fighters are dwarfed and insignificant against the prow of the mighty Monarch.

There's a slight lack of consistency where scale is concerned, I think. I'd be happy with settling it on the larger side of our estimates - the ships certainly feel a heck of a lot larger than our own contemporary warships, and I think they lose some of their grandeur if you think of them being lest than half a kilometer long.

DarkMaster#6052 posted (#post-43522)

I sent in a support ticket and apparently I'm good to play the game. No idea why or what's going on with that part of the agreement though, they just said I could play.

Probably something that needs to be included for obscure legal protection.

I can't see anything related to your issue in the known issues/bug section, so this sounds like something you'd need to contact support about.

Have you tried running repair on your installation (wrench icon top right of the launcher) or checking/temporarily disabling your AV to see if it's preventing connection attempts?

I agree about splitting solo and group queues - being pubstomped sucks - but not for a beta. The devs need metrics for groups as much as they do for solo players, and the game population right now isn't robust enough to support separate queues.

I know it can be frustrating being on the receiving end of a well coordinated team (or even a poorly coordinated one) but you have to remember that this is a technical beta, not a fully released title.

Maybe when open beta drops, the devs will consider separate queues, but we'll need a lot more concurrent players before that becomes viable.