I prefer to use mad, brutal strafing runs in my Taleonis. Power to engines, fire on it while approaching, disruptor missile, energy purge, storm missiles, dump some Flak as you cruise past, finish with guns.

That's the thing though - you either need status effects (and lots of them), or good co-ordination, which is rarely on offer in PUG groups. And luck.

There is another option: ignore it. Seriously. Let the dreads and destroyers slug it out, while your vettes and faster destroyers chew up lighter enemies.... and hope they don't advance on you. We've had success with that too.


Welcome to the game, fellow space captain.

If I could offer some advice:

- The early ranks can be brutal if the MM doesn't favour you, as the game population in closed beta means the MM can't always field fair teams. Stick with it.

- Healing is an awesome way to rank quickly.

- The community on Discord is faaaaaar more active than here or reddit. If you want to squad up or get some casual advice, you can generally find someone there to help you out.

Thor mentioned in one of the recent streams that they often have to change names for legal reasons.

I searched google for Talionis, and couldn't see anything obvious belonging to other games/IP though... shame, because the definition of it is pretty awesome:

"An eye for an eye", or the law of retaliation, is the principle that a person who has injured another person is to be penalized to a similar degree, or in softer interpretations, the victim receives the [estimated] value of the injury in compensation.[1]

The principle is sometimes referred using the Latin term lex talionis or the law of talion. The English word talion (from the Latin talio [2]) means a retaliation authorized by law, in which the punishment corresponds in kind and degree to the injury.

If the name changing keeps up, it will be "The destroyer formally known as ......"

My longest time to find a match has been 6 minutes, and I live in sunny Australia and play in non-peak hours. For a closed beta, that's not too shabby at all.

You should turn it off and on.

Click bait title is clickbait too, lol

WarViper1337#8868 posted (#post-39209)

Well I am now starting to come across teams that are running purge weapons and it is a real game killer for me. I just don't understand how this even made it into the game. Adding an "I win" button for anyone else who isn't able to counter with the same thing is just not fun. As a guy who only has time to queue solo and play this game coming up against coordinated teams running purges is a real game killer. After the second time a row against different teams I have just shut the game down because it is not fun getting stomped into the dirt.

While I like the tactical options opened up by purge (it rewards agressive play, rather than the incessant turtling that permeates a lot of games) I agree with you regarding it's power. It's a little too good. If you then throw disruption effects into the mix, you might as well make the combination instagib you when hit by it - if you're purged and disrupted, you are absolutely dead.

I think purge should remain, but as a debuff/DOT, instead of an instant drain. Maybe a 5-10 second total drain on your reserves, so you can put aside a few seconds to either raise your shields and hope to tank a little bit, throw power to engines and try to get to cover, or switch to weapons to try and throw some more last-ditch damage downrange.

WarViper1337#8868 posted (#post-39126)

I think that was what they were aiming for lol. We are in massive slow moving spaceships after all.

This ^^

Some of the ships already feel like fighters as it is. I love the ponderous nature of the dreads, it's awesome.

The thing that bugs me is the slow speed of vertical thrusters in descent on planets.

"Dammit Ensign, those missiles will hit in the next minute if we can't lower ourselves two hundred meters into that cover!"


"Curses! If only there were some other force that would rapidly pull thousands of tonnes of starship quickly towards the ground!"

SEK_KrazyFlyinChickn#3967 posted (#post-38872)

The above comment was largely aimed at the final point on updates. The other points need addressing too:


Excellent points. There's a marked difference between rational discourse and an angry list of demands.

Patience is a virtue, especially in a closed beta. If this were a released title, there might be cause enough for pitchfork wielding, but it isn't, and there isn't.

ThaWolf#3464 posted (#post-38779)

I bought a Starter pack with the good looking Morningstar ship, only to find out AFTER i payed that this ship cannot be modded and that is entirely useless.

I also got the Freind packages, but honestly im not going to invite any friend to get into this game so that they get a crappy ship and get angry aswell.

So my first impression of the game from the commercial side:

You XXXXX it up, made me regret my buy in in under 5 min, gratualtions!

I hated the Morningstar also, until I started using it as an anti-corvette device. That tractor beam and flak cannons never, ever get old.

The trouble with the Morningstar is that it's a close range weapon, and in Dreadnought, close range + new players = OMGEVERYTHINGKILLEDME. It's main armament is part of the issue there too - despite the long range of your projectiles, you'll have trouble hitting even a particularly sluggish enemy if they change their altitude. If you trade at long range, you're just going to get frustrated.

If I could make a suggestion, it would be to position yourself near your squishier teammates (like tac and artillery cruisers), keep a weather eye on the minimap and pay close attention to the sounds corvettes make when they attack. As soon as you see their icon on the minimap or hear the BRRRRAAAAAT of their guns, hit them with your tractor beam. Even at longer range, it will usually slow them down enough to allow you to get a shot or two in with your main guns, and then switch to flak once they're closer to you. POP GOES THE VETTE. GLORIOUS.

Savvy vette players can get away if they use their mobility abilities, but from then on out they'll be very wary of approaching you.

As for larger targets, don't engage at range (you can force enemies to seek cover though), and don't pop your teleport if it's going to leave you in the open. Instead, practice teleporting to areas your team can still cover, and try to get to ludicrous close range with your enemies so you can unleash broadsides. Hint: the broadside icon will turn green when you can score a hit.

Marcelius#1398 posted (#post-38747)

If you get all the defensive or damage reduction buffs it becomes really hard for the emeny to kill you

And if you get a patient team that covers each other while trading with the enemy, the monarch can be a really tough nut to crack even without a healer. It just can't handle focus fire.

Dogeneer#0485 posted (#post-38737)

But I'll go ahead and humor you since you seem so insistent on hearing other ideas. I'll tell ya an alternative to "Wiping progress": Fixing the MM algorithm. For the time being it needs to ditch the ELO portion (until the playerbase is large enough to support an ELO based MM with the level brackets) and instead focus on matching in level brackets. Example brackets would 0-14,15-24, 25-39, then 40-50. And of course a content patch to have the players that stopped playing dreadnought because it got stale to return. Also the level brackets should apply to squads as well. If the squad is running a mixed level bracket squad, the squad will be matched as if it was the highest level bracket in that squad. That should in theory bolster MM to provide semi decent matches at a semi decent rate at prime times for EU and US.

The MM probably already does that. I'd be very surprised if it didn't. I expect the blatant imbalances in rank are more to do release valves in the MM opening due to a lower player base - MM waits X minutes to craft a competitive match then throws it's hands in the air in frustration when it can't fill one. I know I see lots of familiar faces in my matches at any rate.