It'll be interesting to see how changes pan out, but I can totally see why it's being adjusted.

Against a competent team with good communication, it's maybe OK to defend against, with a little luck and a fairly large shift in team tactics. In your average basic non-commutative PUG though, it's overpowered as all getout. Even if you see a purgestroyer sauntering merrily through the air towards your team with plenty of advance warning, and point it out, then frantically mash the F key as it gets closer, you have close to no defence against it. It's GOING to get you. It's like a predator alien with no morals cut loose in a daycare center.

Playing against even a moderately competent purge player, I can understand how someone tied to train tracks in the old west by a mustachioed villain must have felt.

If anything, (IMHO) it maybe speaks more to how overpowered a multi-healer team is. I think purge ramming being considered one of the few viable tactics against it is a symptom of an issue with the near invulnerability offered to a team by that combo. 1 Koschei can be a tough nut to crack; 2 need competent team play, 3 are effectively invincible.

I'll take a look smile

I'd be more worried about that sort of thing approaching open Beta. There's probably not much that can be done about it now, as there's likely some sort of release valve in the MM that gets triggered more often than it should due to a lower player population.

Generally the MM seems OK to me, but i've seen a few fights where one team had a very clear rank advantage over another. Maybe they were premades.

It's probably something the devs need to keep their eye on.

In games with larger team sizes, one or two people rage quitting doesn't have the same impact that it does here, where being even one down puts your team at a huge disadvantage. I've had quite a few games where one (or more) players have ragequit, and it sucks.

It usually happens as fights are approaching their twilight and doom seems inevitable (i'm reasonably OK with that), but i've also seen players quit fairly early into a match, and that just isn't cricket.

I'd suggest a report feature, but that might be open to abuse.

I agree, the damage is lackluster. I've tried to love them, but thus far I've never been in a scrap and thought "gee, rocket turrets would be handy right now". I just can't find any compelling reason to take them when my main guns do far more reliable and predictable damage, and secondaries like Flak serve better as an effective situational niche weapon.

If the rockets were faster, or had a useful secondary effect like temporarily reducing enemy fire rate or movement speed (perhaps from the crew being shaken from impact) they might be a more attractive weapon.