Ducarius, Since there is no Function to see the Number of active Players ingame, I recommend this website:

This gives you an estimation how many players are logged in momentaryliy, I believe it is updated once per hour.

Is this meant to be funny, Troll?

That sounds like you started Steam in offline modus inadvertently. When you open Your Steam client window, you should find a button called just "Steam" in it's upper left corner. If you click it, you will get some more buttons. One of them would say "go Online". You have to click it, so that Steam is closed and startet again in online Mode. Then you should be able to start online Multiplayer games via Steam.

I don't Think the Corvettes are too OP. When (or better: if) I tried to fly one, I got killed as fast as in any other ship and I kill as few other ships as well.

Ok, let's just say: I'm not very talented in piloting something... Just needed more than 100 driving lessons to even learn to drive a car.

Just to give some hope to the players who still hope to hold this game for some time:

According to Steam charts the average player count has slightly increased during the last 30 days.

Danke für die Hilfe, die Namen kamen mir auch schon bekannt vor. Wobei ich glaube, dass Tam Stalksy erst vor einigen Monaten eingefügt wurde. Die anderen "Kollegen" kenne ich schon, seit ich vor einenm guten Jahr meine "Pilotenausbildung" begonnen habe.


Wie sicher allen aufgefallen ist, sind für die Bots nur eine relativ begrenzte Anzahl an Namen vorhanden. Hat jemand eventuell eine Liste mit den Namen aller BoTs? Nur so aus Interesse.

I would like to add to this question: I would be happy if someone could give me a proper manual how to send friendship requests to people I found by the name search function.

Mit Teamspeak oder Clanmitgliedschaften hab ich selbst es eher nicht so, aber wenn du dich anbieten willst, so empfehle ich dir grundsätzlich, dich einmal hier einzutragen und umzuschauen:

Des Weiteren könntest du dich über die Clans SAD und AaD informieren. Die stellen sich in folgendem Forenthread ein wenig vor:

Well, in Onslaught matches the Healing Bubble Method isn't even a good Idea, as it is important to get as much Points as possible for your Team by killing other ships, You are not getting anything by sticking together and doing nothing. About the Idea of healing Bubbles in a Conquest game I hope I don't have to refer here (as there must be the goal to take as much place as possilbe, so to all the Players that read this: Please be the nice and SPREAD OUT when getting in such a Game).

Only in a Team Elimination match the Healing Bubble is indeed very effective. So (If you have the patience) you might be able to minimize the risk of getting to deal with a Healing Bubble by selecting a Game mode where it's tacticaly stupid to stick all together.

But in Team Deathmatches I would say that a healing Bubble is the best tactic you can take. So don't complain about healing bubbles in TDs, try and get you team to make one yourself. Usually you can use the communication shortcuts like "need reinforcements" or "regroup near me" or "need healing here". Or you can write a message to your team by pressing Shift + Enter and Typing something like "Stay close together all".

If the devs may have the fun and plan to overhaul the Communication shortcuts, I would prefer a way to say "Spread out" to get the Bot ships take some place so they are not ruining your Conquest match by sticking all together near the Spawnpoint. This command would be also helpful to make your Friends flee from you when you realize that a Nuke is targetet onto your ship. And in my Opinion there does only need to be one option like "Regroup near me" and "Need reinforcements" as they are saying actually the same Command "lets gather here"

And about Methods to minimize the damage caused by a Nuclear strike: I for myself wouldn't even prefer Laser or Pulse anti Rocket or Anti Nuke Systems, as they are often too slow in thier work (especially with these fast incoming warp rockets). In many cases you might save your ship, but getting the nuke to explosion right next to one of your friends who will surely be absolutely thankful for getting the damage instead of you (Usually this problem occurs when a Tactical or Artillery Cruiser starts his anti-Nuke-Laser in the second battle row.) Its a way better method to raise your shields right the moment when you get the acoustic nuke warning. This Method will drain your energy, but in this way I was able to endure a Nuke strike with an Artillery Cruiserand getting nearby no damage. And you have the Space of your tertiary Module for something more useful.