If you have fullfilled all needed Requirements, you should find a button "Claim Ship" somewhere near the Bottom Right corner of your screen, when you open the View File of the ship you are interested in.

Wenn du alle erforderlichen Vorraussetzungen erfüllt hast, musst du das Ansichtsfenster für das Schiff öffnen, für das du dich interessierst. Dort findest du dann irgendwo in der Rechten unteren Ecke des Bildschirms eine Schaltfläche, wo drauf steht "Schiff anfordern".

Könntest du vielleicht mal schreiben, was genau in der Fehlermeldung drin steht? Nur, dass es ein Fehler ist, reicht kaum aus, um zu erraten, worum es geht.

Ducarius, Since there is no Function to see the Number of active Players ingame, I recommend this website:

This gives you an estimation how many players are logged in momentaryliy, I believe it is updated once per hour.

Is this meant to be funny, Troll?

That sounds like you started Steam in offline modus inadvertently. When you open Your Steam client window, you should find a button called just "Steam" in it's upper left corner. If you click it, you will get some more buttons. One of them would say "go Online". You have to click it, so that Steam is closed and startet again in online Mode. Then you should be able to start online Multiplayer games via Steam.

I don't Think the Corvettes are too OP. When (or better: if) I tried to fly one, I got killed as fast as in any other ship and I kill as few other ships as well.

Ok, let's just say: I'm not very talented in piloting something... Just needed more than 100 driving lessons to even learn to drive a car.

Just to give some hope to the players who still hope to hold this game for some time:

According to Steam charts the average player count has slightly increased during the last 30 days.

Danke für die Hilfe, die Namen kamen mir auch schon bekannt vor. Wobei ich glaube, dass Tam Stalksy erst vor einigen Monaten eingefügt wurde. Die anderen "Kollegen" kenne ich schon, seit ich vor einenm guten Jahr meine "Pilotenausbildung" begonnen habe.


Wie sicher allen aufgefallen ist, sind für die Bots nur eine relativ begrenzte Anzahl an Namen vorhanden. Hat jemand eventuell eine Liste mit den Namen aller BoTs? Nur so aus Interesse.

I would like to add to this question: I would be happy if someone could give me a proper manual how to send friendship requests to people I found by the name search function.