Mit Teamspeak oder Clanmitgliedschaften hab ich selbst es eher nicht so, aber wenn du dich anbieten willst, so empfehle ich dir grundsätzlich, dich einmal hier einzutragen und umzuschauen:

Des Weiteren könntest du dich über die Clans SAD und AaD informieren. Die stellen sich in folgendem Forenthread ein wenig vor:

Well, in Onslaught matches the Healing Bubble Method isn't even a good Idea, as it is important to get as much Points as possible for your Team by killing other ships, You are not getting anything by sticking together and doing nothing. About the Idea of healing Bubbles in a Conquest game I hope I don't have to refer here (as there must be the goal to take as much place as possilbe, so to all the Players that read this: Please be the nice and SPREAD OUT when getting in such a Game).

Only in a Team Elimination match the Healing Bubble is indeed very effective. So (If you have the patience) you might be able to minimize the risk of getting to deal with a Healing Bubble by selecting a Game mode where it's tacticaly stupid to stick all together.

But in Team Deathmatches I would say that a healing Bubble is the best tactic you can take. So don't complain about healing bubbles in TDs, try and get you team to make one yourself. Usually you can use the communication shortcuts like "need reinforcements" or "regroup near me" or "need healing here". Or you can write a message to your team by pressing Shift + Enter and Typing something like "Stay close together all".

If the devs may have the fun and plan to overhaul the Communication shortcuts, I would prefer a way to say "Spread out" to get the Bot ships take some place so they are not ruining your Conquest match by sticking all together near the Spawnpoint. This command would be also helpful to make your Friends flee from you when you realize that a Nuke is targetet onto your ship. And in my Opinion there does only need to be one option like "Regroup near me" and "Need reinforcements" as they are saying actually the same Command "lets gather here"

And about Methods to minimize the damage caused by a Nuclear strike: I for myself wouldn't even prefer Laser or Pulse anti Rocket or Anti Nuke Systems, as they are often too slow in thier work (especially with these fast incoming warp rockets). In many cases you might save your ship, but getting the nuke to explosion right next to one of your friends who will surely be absolutely thankful for getting the damage instead of you (Usually this problem occurs when a Tactical or Artillery Cruiser starts his anti-Nuke-Laser in the second battle row.) Its a way better method to raise your shields right the moment when you get the acoustic nuke warning. This Method will drain your energy, but in this way I was able to endure a Nuke strike with an Artillery Cruiserand getting nearby no damage. And you have the Space of your tertiary Module for something more useful.

For the Jumping into already ongoing matches: I think, its due to the falling number of Players, that there are too less new Matches beginning in Time.

For the unability to choose a ship: I have`t been able to chosse my ship before battle in a PVP Game all the time I play Dreadnought, I assume thats due to the long loading Times I have on my old PC, so that the game has already startet until I get into the Field. I use to make a Kamikaze rush with the ship I got first and then going to choose. it also doesnt really annoy me, for as I play Healer the most Time, so If I have one right at the start of the game, I would have to wait for some Minutes until the other, mostly slower "Warships" are in Battle an beginning to take Damage, so I have nothing to do for the first Minutes.

According to how long I needed to get my first T5-Ship (the Feronia if you want to ask), I would be rather frustratet if it would be gone suddenly. But I think I wouldn't stop playing, I would play even more to get it back ASAP.

You cannot use the Letter @ in the ingame chat, as the game thinks, you are telling mail adresses, wich are secure content in some countries. So you can' write someting like: "@ Fusselbirne: Do you have discord?" Just write: "Fusselbirne, do you have discord?"

The weekend I had just bad look with the matchmaking. Loosing nearly every game, making stupid tactical mistakes, getting about 1,000 credit points and maybe 3,000 to 4,000 experience points per match and so on. And yesterday I won three games in a row, earning 6,000 cp and about 15,000 xp per round. So: the best Credit boost is worthless if you have bad luck ingame.

In the last weeks Dreadnought indeed looks like it starts to recover a little. As I said, the Steam charts indicate a stabilizing Player base since April and yees, there was a little event this weekend.

Well, let's just hope there are some players left to have fun with that bigger "Patch" they are working on when it gets released. I will play the game from time to time for as long as it still exists, as I did since I startet Dreadnought about one Year ago. It is still a good game for taking a little break from Studying (applied natural science in my case) and blowing something up. So I would still recommend it for players who just want to have some fun with tactical space combat.

But, as I said, I would not pay any real life money on it for as long as Dreadnoughts future is so uncertain, and I also cannot recommend it to hardcore players wich search for a game the can spend days on, as it is not (yet) diversified enough to be an independent hobby.

According to Mrs. Rockbell (not really sure if Rockbell is female or male, but seems to be female from the pictue) the Developers might be planning to overhaul the game completely. Let's see what will come.

Well, The Game Servers are still online and there are still active players. According to Steamcharts, there are about 120-130 Players online worldwide by average.


But you are right, there was few active Support and no updating by the Studion since January, why many posters in this Forum are some Kind of upset or fearing that it might be a matter of months to the total shutdown. There is also a poster named "Rockbell", who sounds very optimistic, but as she refuses to give any sources for the information in her posts I wouldn't call her reliable.

I for Myself still hope, that the game hasn't reached its end yet, especially since the Steamcharts show a stop in the Downsmashing Playercount in the last months. But I would't recommend to spend real money on this game, as I'm not really sure weather the game still has a long future.

Oh, yes, you are right. Sorry, my fault. There is a one liner that your own rockets have a target in range. Enemy warheads targetet on you are only market visually at the rim of your field of View.

There is a warning when the warhead gets launched: Someone says something like "Rockets incoming" (sorry, I for myself know only the german ersion "Raketen haben unsere Position erfasst")