Brand spankin' new player here, as in, just downloaded and ran through the first match; proving grounds, methinks. I gotta say, being launched headlong into "battle" (not realizing it was against A.I.) the first experience one has after initial download hits 100% was a bit nerve wracking. My first thought was, "oh s**t, these guys are gonna hate me forever..."

If a game has a training mode available, I try to run through it multiple times so I don't end up reciting the above when it's really 'go time'. However, having had the privilege over the last two and a half years to play on an Alpha Phase test server for a PvP (RvR, which gives the game away) MMORPG, and researching as much on infosec for personal reasons as possible, also for a couple years now, I'm of the notion that training areas/modes/sections of a game that separate a player from the rest of the faction/population lends itself to nefarious individuals having quite a bit of time away from (let's face it) the prying eyes of others who are logged in as well, and of the devs/mods in particular.

I'm an explorer when it comes to 'open world' games. Nefarious hackers, by their very nature, are formidable explorers, literally going where no one, or maybe only a few, have gone before. Training modes, in my opinion, tend to bring the explorer out in everybody: one can attempt the ridiculous mostly without fear of reprisal, and since mistakes are expected to be made, I doubt much revenue is diverted to their policing. The Alpha I'm playing has adopted an incredibly strict ruleset regarding hacking/botting. It's an iteration of a now defunct and closed game that was hot stuff at release and quickly fell prey to bean counters, under-experienced management staff, and rampant hacking, botting and all out cheating. The last is what put the nail in the coffin.

Coming back to Dreadnought, after the proving ground initiation, having expected a 'training' mode in the beginning, I can say that I would have preferred a training mode. War Thunder comes to mind. Had I realized I was battling A.I., I probably wouldn't have crapped a brick either when it started. A bit more intro would have helped right after hitting 'play' when the blue 100% lit up the download window. I've no idea why the mode you're referring to was removed, nor do I know if my idea is even accurate, but it seems to me, with the intarwebz the way it is today, this is probably one of the many reasons DN opted for something less enticing to those who would explore beyond the Black Ice.