Still acting like

1- you know anything about the real numbers of player retention and

2- player retention going down wasn't completely normal on this kind of game.

You can spend real money on this FREE GAME to gain ingame resources or elite time that gives you ingame resources.

And the game has to monetize somehow.

Deal with it.

That will clearly make the whole thing go the way you want.

Level up more than one ship, as the game is intended, and no problem.

Or don't care about what someone else you'll never meet think.

Except Tacs are the screen ships, not Destroyers.

wiredexperiment#4868 posted (#post-94909)

let me clarify something that is ripped out of context. I used to work on big ships, they have engine rooms and various equipment on deck. my point was about ""modules"" being swapped. and thus making them more suited for the job at hand, its a natural thing for a ship.

that was my only comparison to RL ships

Losing a dreadnought to a corvette is not an exaggeration as many can contest, especially if they are a higher tier then you. and/or you are busy battling something else.

what right builds are you talking about? compared to the pre shipyard, we have next to no customization options anymore

ok mr TEAM GAME, 2 tier 2 ships versus a tier 4 with a koshei healer, have fun, you can shoot at it all day.

I've no idea what "ripped out of context"you're speaking about.

Yes it is an exaggeration, and busy battling someone else is the definition of being damaged by something else in addition to the corvette, talk about ripping out of context.

Tell me, what customization has been taken away from the game, exactly ?

And if you take uneven tiers to begin with you're not being fair in your analysis ; funnily, may i had, in all the games i have been with cross-league teams (t2-4), as specifically designed by the devs, there was an even number of tiers between the two teams. so, again, IT'S A TEAM GAME.

Of course you lose one-on-one against higher tier ships more than the opposite (meaning, you win some too, especially when countering right, modules unlocked or not).

So play with your team. And target your same level opponents.

And to begin with, why the heck are you not attacking the Koshei instead ?!

"Tac defender" is somewhat really poor in fun, possibilities and gameplay.

You can buy Credits now.

If you like the game enough to play into tier 3, either you grind or you throw in some realcoins.

The idea is the same as in a lot of freemiums.

The heavy dreads are bugged and do only half damage - they lack in range too in my mind.

Same for the heavy artillery and there's probably either a bug or flagrant underpower in the heavy destroyers' cannons effective dps.

(I see some pattern about "heavy" here...)

Oberon Arties are not on par with other arties because they aren't conceptually the same anyway, they are skirmishers.

Losing a dreadnought to one pass (clip) of a corvette is more than a bit of an exageration...

And the guys in the intro are fighters, and this ones DO crash on a slight traverse wind or when glancing on your windshield. You can play them in one the game modes.

With the right builds they already have the crazy resilience you're speaking of, especially the Jutland. Their main weapons do clearly suck a bit though.

A lot of your arguments there people are valid when one on one, but that's actually a TEAM GAME.

And because it's a GAME there is no fun in having dreadnoughts bad at nothing (and running away in a encased map has limited interest in the end).

And if you want to make historcal-like dreadnoughts, they'll have to be ridiculously weak against cruise missiles and aircrafts too.

THAT said, i(t)'d be okay with them being like that with the proposed addition of a carrier/droner class (and thus having the dreads being weak against two classes).

I concur also that flaks are heavily underpowered as flaks in the game as is (they are very good main weapons for attacking other capitals though, and better than the main weapons on the Jutland line - NOT SPEAKING of the artillery light flak).

They just stated the elite status is free and will be rebooted on launch.