Probably adding up, because you're specifically allowed to have both founder packs according to the buy page, but not more than one each.

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This is also a great example on why to toss out the Tech trees. This man has spent a total 19 hours grinding an ARTILLERY just to unlock a Koschei, A Heavy Tactical Cruiser class ship. This makes no sense in the slightest in any way possible. How does learning how to lead a target with a shell-based explosive prepare you for a beam-type weapon/support that effectively tracks with the purpose to heal? There is no science, whether sci-fi or real life, that can explain this.

Yes it does, you just don't like it because you're looking at the game like a standard MMO and a standard MMO player.

The devs don't want you to play only one well-built and well-played ship, they want you to play a FLEET, in which you have more than one role of ship and more than one ship, to balance your own team on the fly and adapt to the enemy line-ups and loadouts.

The majority of players only want to play one class, with one specific build, and complain about balance instead of adapting as intended and logical.

See the whole "Corvettes are OP" debate for example, more than half of it is players not wanting to play counter-corvettes or tactical hunters, and asking for a sure way for artilleries to defend against their own counter.

Probably it was not happening already in the pre-shipyard state of the game.

Everyone should start to consider the devs are not stupid, but have their own design for the game, and it's possible it doesn't suits you, but that's not because they're on the wrong path - they're on their path and they know their job, a job nearly no one on a forum knows anything about.

And no, having seen a truckload worth of films doesn't make you an inspired amateur director.

The tooltip says always "max damage", that is when everything hits, it's divided (and yes, when leveling up your individual torpedoes are actually doing less damage).

Having more torpedoes per salvo means the point defense systems have more difficulties intercepting them.

From observation it seems each torpedo has the same durability.

Strafing would be a big hole in the balance, and in the fun of the game.

The perfect example as for why is MechWarrior Online, that went right into a "peeking from the corner and sniping" ground and had its base gameplay ruined from it, especially with the inclusion of physically-unbalanced mechs (the 40-tons-of-sniping-material-in-one-side+arm-so-i-don't-even-have-to-expose-myself-anymore kind, which were so unbalanced in all matters). Further damaged by the possibility to peek from the top too with jump jets (so you can retract your window of vulnerability EVEN QUICKER when shutting them off).

Corvettes and Arties would get a huge leap in power with that.

At the moment we have already two directions to cover about their (vertical) dodges.

Same as everyone: cruise speed would be sooooo appreciated...

I meant between the kinetic broadside and the plasma broadside - the reload, damage and range seem in the same gameplay reach. Scatterguns are nearly melee weapons and reload very quickly, so, dps and clear gameplay. But the other two i'm still experimenting.

And by howitzers i meant mortar turrets.

Most of the flak guns are really bad at killing corvettes though... Slow projectile, little clip, short range,...

Actually bad at everything.

If they could shoot down missiles they would be better.

Yes i know everything gets slower, i was proposing to Cush to use warp mod on his Dola to close in, negating his closing-in problem. ^^

I was citing the scatterguns as dps. I'm still not sure about the intended difference between plasma- and canon- broadsides appart the shared spike damage. I like them a lot on a warping oberron dread.

I'm still not sure about what's making destroyers tac killers, appart their clip large enough to finish one (corvettes having problems with that). Heavy missiles/torpedoes use ?

How much damage does the howitzer make ? Quick projectile ? This one appeals to my dakkaness a lot.

About the hero ships, thinking of MechWarrior Online, i think it could be interesting to make the same choice than its devs and let hero ships have builds you CAN'T have with normal ships (it's even what was previously meant to be, according to past definitions of them).

Likely allowing them an out-of-class module, in accordance with their backstories. And/or unique Briefings they HAVE to get in any case. Or both. But something slightly out of normal use of the class, without being numerically overpowered of course.

Actually maintenance IS a kind of good idea but not as it is now.

A mean to make people play something else than max tier is a very good gamedesign decision, and something needs to be there to incite money spending, but NOT with the numbers there is right now ; the whole thing should be more of something like:

  • everything should be more expensive in the low tier (but cheaper than the highest tiers)

  • better money rewards across every tier

  • maintenance everywhere scaled on the total tiers in your fleet, with high maintenance still in elite tier, and starting at tier 3

  • no tech walled beyond tier 3 (mortar turrets, ...) but still at t3 to not have the whole experience in recruit league (to incite to progress), basically moving everything one tier up

  • no ship walled beyond tier 3, basically moving everything one tier up

This way, you'll make people play in high tiers for fame and freudian feelings of power and sexual compensation, but they'll have to go back in lower tiers, with everyone, to make money and pay maintenance after a strike of lost games in Elite. Recruit and Veteran leagues will always be populated by players, including good ones, but without ungodly raw number advantages against noobs - and they'll try to play at tier 3 anyway except when broke or farming.

Xp conversion becomes really interesting by training on the less advanced versions of a ship (lore and money-making friendly) without being an obligation.

Elite status allows to remain in elite league far longer even when losing and is still an interesting thing to buy when fan of the game without being an obligation. A lot of people will buy short time periods of premium to play a week end in a row for example.

The gameplay differences due to varying ship speed (lower tiers being quicker) will even still be interesting because the gap will be less of a chore in veteran league.

Oh and of course, something nice with the fracking hero ship ! (More credits ? Lesser maintenance ? The other way around, something at the cost of MORE maintenance, being custom famous hero ships ?) This way there's a reason to buy them that is NOT pay to win, but pay to gain more time, or pay if you have little playing time because of your job/family (but then more money...).

Yes, what ?

He's entitled on his opinion even if we think he's wrong. Asking from nowhere to blame him isn't cool, he wasn't even (yet) in this thread. This kind of injustice or incivility won't help changing the game, i don't see this moving a dev POV towards your point.

(Edit: - to be clear, i'm drowning in maintenance and unhappy about it too)