Corvettes with desperate measures must go away - restrict this officer training to artillery cruisers only.

For stable server without random map loading hangs. Alt-F4 is new dreadnought most used button.

This torpedoes tracks better than missiles and fire faster too. One button no-brainer damage. No other module compares to it even close. Due to latency even AM pulse cant hit them reliably.

It happens even with proving grounds.

Just got booted from middle of the match and now server wont let me login with error 400. I guess until server is restarted im out of the game for good.

Cant link beta dreadnought to steam too - account only have link to twitch.

Scramble not prevents you from moving, firing, using shields or modules. Just sitting on spot after scramble will get you rammed to death in 1 hit. Multiple ships being scrambled is rare and it means no one payed attention.

Im getting random loading freeze too. For some reason especially in recruit queue. If im quitting loading screen by alt-f4 im unable to join same queue as if im in the game after restarting. Very annoying bug.

Not another healer nerf...

Assault blink is op but corvette fans will protect their 1-shot toys until the game is dead. You cant outmaneuver corvette so 15k damage is yours regardless of your actions. And dont tell me you can deliver 15k damage to corvette through shields in 2 seconds.