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I highly reccomend you join the community discord, there are constant discussions and people are always there to help you can join it from the games launcher

It is supposed to be very similar to what cloak does- the thing is that stationary cloak doesnt hide you very well so I thought it would be nothing but cooler to have something like this, not really something different

The reason I say it shouldnt break when hit is because- like I just said- the stationary cloak tends to be outmatched by other options such as dive and evasive because you are not really hidden enough to constitute that being a mechanic, since- again- you are stationary

at the moment the icon "mugshots" if you will, are pretty dark. Mine are not completely black though. Either way, the UI is getting overhauled in a few days so be on the lookout for that

I know steam is close and content is not high on the priority list so I won't pester too much but I still think this could be a cool concept:

So while looking at the artillery modules, I found one in particular that is not useless nor needs a buff- but would be much cooler and interesting if it were different. This would be stationary cloak. Since it also lags behind other modules that are in the same slot as itself, I also would argue that it could use a buff.

Either way, I came up with this module that I think would be a cool replacement for stationary cloak called "silent running" (note that any numerical value could easily be changed, balance-wise):

Silent Running:
- Shuts down engine and light effects

  • Can’t be targeted by enemy modules

  • Can’t be buffed or debuffed

  • Breaks upon using modules only

  • Slows ship by 80%

  • Deactivate manually by repressing module button (I think this should actually be a thing on all modules by the way, such as rapid fire and purge beam for example, that have debuffs)

  • Not shown on minimap

  • Ship distance and health are not shown

  • 40s active, 60s cooldown

Hope you will all like this idea and maybe consider it

is this alluding to the atlantian assault or is it a spinnoff story? because you sound like you are describing bix, who mutinized the fleet to prevent the bombs

either way it is fantastically written and well played out for a short story, and the world building is fantastic (ignoring the DN template, I mean your own work). very well done

you can find the damage reduction of shields when hovering over a ship in the tech tree- if i'm remembering correctly, they are as follows:

corvettes: 100% (very high energy reduction)
destroyers: 75%
artillery: 80%
tactical: 80%
dreadnought: 65% (do bot lose energy when attacked)

those numbers are probably way off though so dont quote me on that. if i were at my computer i would check, maybe i will come back and update this post

well no ship can get one shot by anything in veteran except a corvette being plasma rammed, so i dont know what else to say. as soon as you spawn, find cover and assess your surroundings. this game is meant to be slow and strategic, you cant fly out in the open- what ship are you playing? check your death screen to see what killed you as well

Rincewind#8302 posted (#post-225495) said:

Im currently enjoying getting oneshot in spawn during this tireless grind.

But hey its f2p right? so grind grind grind until you get a maxed t4 and you can actually play......

just stick with your team which should have just as many T4s as the enemy. let them support you and its much easier than going alone

Even as someone who doesn't mind scrambler, I can agree it's a little over the top. A simple static effect would do.

Also hi Sceviour

The reason the forum tends to be lacking in activity is mainly due to the Community Discord taking in most of the playerbase. As for que times, are you refering to Battle Bonus? Because you do not need to wait for that to cool down before starting up another match- all that is is what it says, a bonus. If you really are having legitimately long ques, like Miguell said, try playing "any" mode to find the first match available.

As for recruit, there are not many players there because I assume most of the people who know about the game are waiting to get it till steam release. Since you get out of recruit so fast and no new players are replacing the veterans, there are not many players there to support the que.

Either way, the game (on PC at least) is far from dead. Just played a few matches today in veteran with less than 20 second que times, completely new players each time. If the discord is anything to go by, there are hundreds if not thousands of people there who are active on a daily basis. I would recomend checking it out