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fully researched ships give you +something% free xp

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Move to the corvette and flak will out DPS them 9 times out of 10.

Well, Dreadnought ships arent exactly nimble. Vettes can easily be on your other side by the time youve made a quarter turn. Ive tried to get in range before but doesnt always work.

Sometimes thats just how the game is supposed to work, though. It always gets to me just a bit when people will complain about corvettes being overpowered, and then you find out later that the person who was complaining about them plays the heavy artillery cruiser the classes are supposed to overlap eachother, in a sort of rock-paper-scissors-esq gameplay style- corvette > artillery > dreadnought > destroyer > corvette. Each ship plays differently, and learning all of them can help with each ship individually (ie, learning how to play corvette can really help you play artillery). Knowing your enemy is a valuable asset if it really starts to be an issue, you just might have to rig your ship for an anti-corvette build and slowly wean yourself off of it over time

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I don't believe Ska-boo has indicated any opinion on the OB you are referring to. All he/she has said is that those who seem to be doing well since certain changes were made, surprisingly don't want any changes lol. (Although reading the info I believe they were the ones that indicated Adrenalin Shot could do with some love).

Takes me back to our previous conversation about human nature and those at the top wanting to stay at the top. O7

Before it was changed Adrenalin shot was a "must" have OB on tac's. It made them very powerful in the sence that they didn't have to worry about energy managment to the exstent every other class has to. It made Tac very hard to take out as you could hit them with a drain, and in seconds they would have full energy again from healing ship.

There use to be a thing called heal ball. where a team would have 2-3 heal tacs and you just sit there and not the tacs would always have enough energy to out heal any damage, and could take out any ships before they could kill there healers. It made the game very dull, I don't want to go back to that.but I would like to see adrenalin shot be a viable OB again, just not the must take it was.

To be honest I believe 'a must have' in any game is a big negative. By all means, if certain ship types gravitate towards certain OBs because of their useful attributes - great, but if any other choice is a waste of time then that means the game balance is out.

I have no idea if they overnerfed Adrenalin rush, I haven't got that far yet (give me a couple more years of grinding and I might get there lol!). But there is no way I would want that to be an automatic choice once again; I want people to have to choices that are just as valuable to choose from.

I'm not sure if it was overnerfed either, but one thing is for sure- it was waaay too powerful before. Where other OBs have "if, then" requirements, healers basically always had energy gen on 24/7. They are meant to heal anyways, so why not basically get an infinitely lasting fifth module slot while you are at it? I actually feel as though the old module was useful for non-tac cruiser ships, and the tac cruisers could have been hit with the nerf (similar to how GMGS works differently on destroyers and dreadnoughts, even though you unlock it on a corvette, it is not the best corvette module. Same with Glass Canon) but they said they were taking that away, so I can't really say anything to that extent.

On a side note, it is a bit unsettleing to constantly lose to the ship you typically main as when you are trying to grind something else. As I've been grinding my dreads, the ballistas and onagers are constantly on my back all the time, and they are the ship that I main as. That can be frusterating, but it also has helped me realize what I can do as an Onager to get under a dread's skin, as I have a better understanding of my enemie's loadout, if that makes sense.

Ya know what they say, if you cant beat them, join them- then become a saboteur

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1) Agreed.

2) Agree and disagree. I agree in that yes, forcing you to play ships you normally wouldn't choose is good and it can have surprising outcomes. I hated the Ballista at first, but as I learned to play it, I've come to like the JA arties more than AK arties which I would have never thought. The disagreement part is the flip side: you get stuck with a ship you hate and if you're not good at it, it can lower your rewards and cause your team to lose. I'm not good at vettes and don't realy like them, I have the Fulgora but only really play proving grounds with it because I know I can help my team win with other ships. I'm just keeping it in my hangar to get the Vindicta and Medusa and it's not really bringing me any enjoyment.

3) It's not insurmountable but it is daunting and frankly discouraging when you reach the next tier. I have to wonder how many people just quit seeing T4 module requirements. Going to T5 is worse. I think T4 and T5 need adjusted down some but not major. Something I'd also like to see are the daily contract values bumped up. 1200 at Recruit is a good amount, but once you get to T4 and T5 it's really not a lot. I'd say 2000 would be a better amount. With regards to having a ship just to have fun, you highlighted a problem: why should there be a ship we choose just to have fun during the grind that will result in lesser gain? That shouldn't be. I'm trying to power through the Lorica to get the Invictus, and I like playing dreads but it's getting tiring.

I do agree that the grind could be a bit less- but on what you were saying about contracts, they are actually bumping those up to 5000 credits. That is a placeholder I think for now, and different contracts will have different rewards, but its a start. I also wouldn't mind if contracts rewarded free xp- not a lot, maybe just 1000 or maybe even 500 per contract- but that would drastically help with the "grinding a ship I don't like" dilemma.

As for me having a fun ship in my fleet, I expected someone to point that out I do it because I like to be patient with the game. I would rather it take long to grind something, and have fun doing so, rather than bash my head against a wall trying to grind something faster. Like I said, I only use it in about 10% of the games I play, only when I need a break from the dreads and corvettes, just to lean back for one match and "take it easy" so to speak. After all, what is the point in playing the game if you can't have a bit of fun every once in a while?

I just wanted to chime in on a few things

1) The grind as it stands is balanced in a way that you are not upgrading faster than your skill level will be able to handle a ship. Is it a bit slow now? yes. But too fast and you will have T5 players who don't even know how their ship is supposed to be played. This has already been said so I wont rant on it too much.

2) I noticed that you touched on the fact that you had to play a different ship to unlock one you wanted- I have a few things to say to this. For starters, this is actually a good thing for many reasons- one, it allows you to be forced to play ships that are out of your comphort zone. Maybe you will find something you like- I for one thought I would hate the blud, but had to play through it to unlock the Koshei. The more I played it, the more I started to like it, but also the better a player I became, as I learned how to handle slower, tankier ships that I don't normally play. Now I am well suited to support my team if we are running light because I am more comphortable with heavy ships. The second reason is that it forces other players out of their comphort zone as well. If you were never forced to play certain ships, then everyone would gravitate towards the same thing because they might never try the ship out and find that they like it. The game would become boring. That is why all the "what is the best ship?" questions are so hard to answer- the best ship is the one that you like, and you might never find what you like if you never play it. I am a huge artillery main, but I had to go through the JA destroyer line to get the ship I wanted- I used to think I wanted the vindi, but since I was forced to play JA, I actually ended up liking it a bit better. I'm no help to my team as an artillery main if three of my teammates are already rocking the svarog, so I can now better suit them as different classes. I was forced to become a better player. If you really dont like a ship, you can always free xp your way through it as well.

3) Overall, the grind is not that insurmountable. I noticed you are only a week in (about a week and a half maybe now)- trust me when I say that the grind is not bad at all if you try and have fun. Don't think of upgrades as the gameplay, think of them as milestones. Heck, if you really need to, try upgrading multiple ships at a time. That way you can play what you feel like playing, and playing the same ship over and over again is a non-issue. Right now, I have a few ships left for me to grind- I filled my hangar with four of them and switch off every time I play- I also added my Onager in there, even though its fully upgraded, just so I can have fun if the grinding gets boring. Just hang in with it, it only took me about a month, maybe two, to get my first T5. It is really not that bad, and is definately worth every second I look forward to hearing what you have to say about the game after unlocking your first T4!

Good luck grinding, and have fun doing so! o7

I don't mean to sound negative but I can't think of another way to put this-

would you rather have one less player on your team? I mean, yah, some bots are free kills- but some, namely the artilleries, are actually quite good. I had a game one time in legendary where a bot got 5 or 6 kills and only one death

hopefully they are flushed out on release

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i am making my way down the destroyer path so far ive unlocked storm missiles weapon cooldown 3 and aeapong damage boost 3 i find torpedos absolutely useless i rarely see them hit.. i guess advise on torpedos would be nice!

torpedoes do not track, so you migt have to get close if you want a torpedo build. Alternitavely, missiles DO track, so you can keep your distance. That being said, I went down the destroyer line pretty efficiantly using a mid-range build. my big rule for myself was to warp out if i got bellow half health or i was not in a one-on-one battle, though i cant really remember my exact build otherwise I would help more.

the big thing with the jupiter arms destroyers- they are MID RANGE, so try not to get to close. they are the pinnacle of middle ground in this game, so it is VITAL that you exploit your enemies weaknesses. You dont have weaknesses, but you lack a good strength to compensate!

the two things you can use to perform better in any class- patience and practice. We all know practice helps, but be patient, pick your targets, and know what yous ship is supposed to do. Dont treat an artillery cruiser like a destroyer, and dont treat a corvette like a dreadnought. If you find that you are not gaining a lot of points in a ship, consider flying a different one unless you really like playing it. There are fifteen ships to choose from, at least one for every player, and most people who have trouble with the grind are simply not playing the ship that they are good at.

hope this helps, and good luck in veteran! o7

The other thing you have to keep in mind though, is that people might be leaving- but not as fast as more people are coming in. If you want to see the light side of the game I highly recomend joining the discord- the forums are for critisism and sometimes that makes things seem bleak, but in reality the game is actually doing very well right now. The discord holds a small portion of the playerbase and is constantly growing, while the forums are filled with "why I uninstalled" posts left and right- but you have to keep in mind that the people making those posts are a very small clique and dont represent the games performance at all- not even close

Im on vacation and dont have my computer but- I used the onager with my best setup and typically got between 8-14 kills and 0-2 deaths (im by far the best with that ship)- but now that I unlocked the grenada Im grinding other ships that Im not as good at so I do get less. Maybe Ill try and see if I can get that much again. The game I got 40k on, I got battle bonus as well as 17 kills and 0 deaths, saddly I didnt record games back then