Hey, question. Are fighters viable? Not bombers, not interceptors. Fighters, the one with the 2000 leash range that auto attacks enemies.

Part of me want to make a carrier dreadnought but I don't want to waste resources on a trashy build that will never work.

Hey, played your game a lot a while back, loved it but got fed up with long queue times and the super long grind. Decided to give it another go and realized 2 things.

1st the long grind was mostly because I didn't know about claiming career progression rewards.

So that negative was mostly on me.

The only other negative...long queue times is awful in T4. It's the holidays and I can't find anyone in T4 at 10pm in any mode...I've cancelled, set to any and restarted.

I want to buy elite and maybe a hero ship but if I can't even get a game going, it's really hard to justify spending $ since the game is online only.

At this point I'd play a full team of bots as the only human player since Ive waited a good 30 minutes.

Tier 3 imo sucks and tier 1 gives bad rewards to progress my T4 ship that I just earned.