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Reply from the Hospital. Pray for me.

have to ask: did you get there in the Whaambulance?

I don't get hit by scramblers that often but I'm also not a dreadnought or a destroyer most of the time. All I can suggest is have modules ready to counter the tactic - armor lockdowns, desperate measures, I always pop shields once Im scrambled personally, you could also have blast pulses and disrupter pulses depending on your class.

Either way these destroyers advertise themselves before they can get into range, you just need to get a squad that understands what priority that incoming bogey is.

My rig has been overheating in the hangar because the graphics card appears to be working itself to death in Sinley Bay when it needn't be.

Why not simply push Team Elimination as events, with prize incentives like GP? Like others have said the TE payout was not balanced at all vs other modes.

I didn't have a problem with the game mode, personally, but I can imagine why people did.

When it was in Any, it wasn't very distinctive from the other game modes, sometimes you'd forget you were in it.

Also I think a big problem is one of the bigger matchmaking problems, which could be easily solved I think: when you load into a match, you simply default to the first ship in your fleet - particularly when you join a match late/post-lobby, or like me you play the game on high/ultra or whatever settings which prolongs the map loading times to the point where you have virtually no time to respond to ship selection prompts. So a simple fix in the hangar would be to pick which ship in the fleet is your flagship, as a right-click option, rather than having to remove all the ships from your fleet and put them in the order you want, I can just choose my flagship based on my mood, before I even begin queueing for a match. Because what would happen is I'd load into a TE after its too late to pick a ship, and get stuck with one of my ships better suited for onslaught or something.

You could also go ahead an suspend the ready-timer for TE matches, or extend it significantly, so teams have ample time to ready-up, coordinate ship selections, and even talk shop for a minute or two. That way your team doesn't just default into a mash of randomness. The prominent outcome should be that most matches only begin when all 10 or however many players have actually readied up, or at least a significant portion of them (85% of the lobby).

The fighters also weren't particlarly amazing - my biggest ??? with them was wondering why for small craft they had about the same maneuverability (or worse) than most of the main ships in the game. Like if I shoot peanuts can I at least do my own stunt flying? Sheesh.

Another thing you can do is add events on the map - not powerups, exactly, something you have to do some DPS to, or a capture-point objective/beacon [more brainstorming required] which allows team members to respawn - so instead of TE per se, you're playing Cops and Robbers in a way, so that the game becomes about which team can wipe the other off the map yes (or end the round with the most capital ships), but with the twist that your comrades could turn the tide with major reinforcements (the whole dead team, or a randomly selected dead team mate) at a crucial moment, or your hope could be stripped away from you when the winning side claims the revival perk instead. This could also be something that could be done with the efforts of those dead players via their fighters, so they don't feel they are just in baby-pewpew ship purgatory but can actually still cause a major shift in the tide of battle. This would also force teams to keep moving to find these tactical objectives and break up stalemates.

1) How do I change the minimap zoom? Somehow I got it stuck in 4x zoom, which is crippling.
2) Please extend duration of match lobbies. Most of the times im matched to a game I miss the lobby entirely or have 4 seconds to pick a ship

EM only works well when engaging it from the front or rear. Try flanking.

Battle Bonus doesn't really work like a weird/useless tax that maintenance is/was. You can still play with the fleet; you have the option between saving up cash for upgrades and such, or being Battle Ready for more XP and whatnot.

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There is already a Parry +50...

Triggers too rarely

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I haven't been playing ever since you announced maintenance removal. I figured why suffer the (finally admitted) terrible system while I wait?

TBF you're missing out on income from playing. Maintenance sucks but you still make a net gain, have some fun

I would just like to say that this was titled SHORT range scan, and y'all put it into the launcher for me to click before I play the game, and it turns out its a 45 minute podcast...

Was kinda hoping for a 2-minute reel I could digest before my first round lol