Hey Captains and Developers,
The 'Simplified and Streamlined' patch got me thinking on how to bring some possible new content to the game and I thought of how Legendary could be spiced up a bit.
This lead to the idea of: The Mothership
Since it would be a hassle to figure out how to make Command Ships more impactful/controllable during a match, this was the next best thing I could think up.
I do know it's likely just a pipe dream, but I thought I'd throw it out here.
The mothership would ideally be large enough for friendly ships to fly into it and, as a consequence, be ridiculously easy to hit.

Mothership: Larger than even the mighty dreadnoughts, Motherships have the unique ability to grant the normally personal buffs derived from diverting power to nearby friendly ships.
Additionally, their construction is usually made to act as a rally point and mobile cover for friendly ships, granting many of them the moniker: ‘Barrier ships’.
While large, their power does not come from overwhelming firepower, that’s the job of a dedicated Dreadnought or Destroyer. Their power comes from the ability to strike almost any point on the map and their far-reaching abilities.

Primary weapon: Enhanced particle cannon (Use Tier 4 or 5 Destroyer secondary weapon, no damage falloff, inflicts rupture?)

Secondary weapon (Changes view to inner ring/near mothership): Energy restoration beam, heal beam, cool down beam

Modules: 'Passive'-like modules, Global Modules (like Dreadnought fighters), wall generators (for defending allies/self, could possibly just cause part of the ship's model to fold/extend)

Special: Diverting energy to weapons, engines, or shields also benefits allied ships that are within close range (depends on ship's faction).

Fleets: Legendary Only

Thanks for taking the time to read over this concept idea!

I can attest to the fact that Scramble mines on a vette are crazy, especially with the 'blind spots' that exist on dreadnoughts.
I recently was in a dreadnought and I was running my 'vette killer' build. However, I tractored them in only to find that not only did they have Scramble Mines, they also had Armor Amplifier. So, despite me throwing Light Torps and Ballistic Broadsides at a completely static target, I could not kill the vette and slowly got killed as he was literally touching my ship's hull, making use of the game's buggy targetting at that range.
He did not suffer from much more than scramble since he was fighting a target that he only needed to point in the general direction of in order to land a hit.

I have been playing since Beta and I know first-hand Corvettes are tough enough to kill with their small hitbox. Their claim to fame is that they are tough to hit and hit hard in return.
However, with the new update, Legends Redifined, this has made Corvettes next to impossible to deal with. 80% damage reduction on something that can outright avoid damage by virtue of a small hitbox?
Not. Cool.

The Problem:
15 seconds of 80% damage reduction on corvettes now makes Rupture and Disruption an absolute must in order to deal with ONE module that comes off of cooldown far faster than its counters. Even by virtue of the fact that a dreadnought MUST run Rupture Ammo to hope to even chase off, let alone kill, one of these new corvettes means it cannot run an Armor Amplifier of its own. The corvette can fall back on its speed and size to win the day, all other ships can just pray that they can hit their tormentor before they eventually fall.

I have seen several Corvettes sit, and I myself have performed this, completely still while leisurely filling the target full of holes while a dreadnought with the exact same module or a destroyer using flak guns could only HOPE to hit the target and buy a few more seconds by using their own armor amp... only to get disrupted and lose said armor.
By the time the entire team finally does kill the vette, the vette has respawned, all modules off of cool-down and is already half-way back to finish off what it started while all of its victims' modules are ON cool-down.

My suggestion:
Corvettes should NOT have a normalized version of Armor Amplifier. Give them Armored Lockdown (Tac Cruiser/Artillery Cruiser version) instead or bring it down to 40%.
Other options would have to deal with radically scaling back their dps potential if their ability to tank damage in this new fashion remains the same.

There needs to be a line drawn here.
Corvettes are supposed to be tough to kill, yes.
Corvettes are supposed to be hard-hitting, yes.
Corvettes are NOT supposed to be capable of literally sitting on top of some of the most lethal ships in existence and pretend they're a pocket dreadnought.
I thought the vindicta was OP, I still do. However, I am far more critical of the direction corvettes have taken.
This makes T4 and T5 Corvettes require far less skill than they previously needed and their already ridiculous fragging capability makes them the new dreadnoughts of the game.
Gone are the days of armored dreadnoughts and sieges between fleets being the meta. Today's meta is now filled with invulnerable corvettes and dogfights.

I've been playing with the Jupiter Arms Corvette (Kreshnik) and I've noticed that after about 3 or 4 games of non-stop use of this particular corvette, it crashes my game.
The first match doesn't show any signs of instability but afterwards, each match has a constant whining/whirring sound whenever I select the Kreshnik. This is probably the corvette's engine SFX and it persists from game to game (pre-battle & after battle but not in the hangar). However, it just keep getting progressively worse as it becomes increasingly annoying in its pitch and noise level. It also causes the officers' voices to lag out. Turning off the Effect Sound helps with the noise but doesn't seem to do anything to prevent an eventual crash.
Even if I turn the game off, the Kreshnik keeps making that sound. Selecting a different ship will stop the noise but when I choose it again, it resumes where it left off.

I've found it extremely frustrating/annoying to get into a match only to find someone running a Harwich with a bunch of Artillery Pods floating about them and how I cannot hit said pods even when I'm running an Artillery Cruiser with dead-on accuracy. Shooting these pods even when you are RIGHT ON TOP OF THEM and IN THE CENTER OF YOUR RETICLE will not gauruntee that you destroy, let alone hit the dust speck. The worst part about this is that the pods have more health than an assault ship and are impossible to see. Even the lowly fighter has a Friend or Foe indicator.

Please, make it so that we can actually deal with these pods. Evidently healing pods became so much of an issue that they had to limit the number on the field. At least give all pods some sort of limit if you're going to start such a trend.

Yeah, I do have to admit the sounds don't seem to fit very well... The old SFX for the Ontaro Artillery Cruiser fit it far better than the one it's been replaced with.
Before, the huge bang made it quite clear that it was firing something big and heavy to shred a nice hole in some poor destroyer. Now, it's like someone decided it should sound more like... I dunno, a close miss instead?
I mean, it makes sense for the Oberon Artillery Cruiser since it fires a bunch of shells at a much lower power than their single-shot counterparts.

The point of this all seems to boil down to this:
For firing a weapon, some of the sounds make sense. However, the majority of the SFX's out there don't sound BEEFY. Akula Vector is known for generally having ships that are brutish. They should get SFX that fits that.
Oberon has ships that are known for being really high-tech. The new sounds seem like they would fit them better.
Jupiter Arms might have a bit more in common with Akula Vector when it comes to their reputation and SFX that would likely fit their theme.

I was just barely in a Team Elimination match as an Aion (T4 support ship) when my ship spontaneously exploded. The replay said I had been dealt 25,000 damage from a single Anti-Missile Fighter by its anti-missile lasers. Not quite happy about this outcome, I decided to see if this could be reproduced. Unfortunately it was. I think [INSTA ROBOFIST] has a screenshot of this bug.

How it happens: The Fighter's lasers try to track enemy missiles and instantly kills them. If an enemy ship is in the way, it will try to fire through them and applies the 'instant kill' to the ship and to the missile. This also happens to fighters that are unfortunate enough to be in the way.

Needless to say, this is a rather serious bug and I request a very quick fix on this.