Hello Captains!

If you're having an issue with Dreadnought, we are here to help! Before you send in a ticket, though, please check this list of known issues, which will be updated as necessary.

1. “Server Unavailable” Error

    - Usually caused by launcher version not updating correctly, invalid login credentials, or internet connection problems.

    - Please try repairing the launcher using the wrench icon.

    - If that doesn’t work, please submit a ticket for additional troubleshooting.

2. “Client Version Incompatible. Please Contact Customer Support” Error

    - Usually means that the game is currently undergoing maintenance.

    - Check the forums here, or the @GreyBoxCS Twitter for updates regarding maintenance.

3. Infinite Loading Screen Issue

    - Known issue: Please contact support by sending in a ticket including your DxDiag, MSINFO and Game Logs so we can add them to the bug report for our QA team to continue investigating.
    - Current Work-Around for this issue is to close and re-launch Dreadnought. We’ve had fewer instances of this bug reported since the 1.9.4 patch, so if it’s still happening to you, please submit a ticket so we can continue to track it.

If you are experiencing an issue not listed here, view our Knowledge Base here or submit a support request here.

Please reach out to Customer Support or call toll free 1-844-GREYBOX (1-844-473-9269) 7 days a week so we can assist you. We are well equipped to remedy any problem you encounter.

When submitting a support ticket request, it’s helpful if you can complete the following steps and include the requested files in your ticket:

For PC:

    - Update Windows and gather your DxDiag and MSINFO files.

    - Your game logs as a zip file. Usually, logs are located here: C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\DreadGame\Saved\Logs

    - Screenshots or video of any errors or bugs you’ve encountered.

For PS4:

    - A screenshot of your PS4 internet connection: select (Settings) > [Network] > [Test Internet Connection].

    - A screenshot of your PS4 Error Log History: select (Settings) > [System] > [Error History].

    - Screenshots or video of any errors or bugs you’ve encountered.

Hey Driedblood,

I'm doing some housekeeping on this forum. Were you able to get this resolved? If you are still unable to launch, please submit a ticket for additional troubleshooting, and include your DxDiag and MSINFO. You can find instructions for gathering these files in our Knowledge Base here: Updating Windows and gathering DxDiag and MSINFO

Kind Regards,


The ops team released a small update yesterday that should have resolved this issue. If you're still experiencing the black launcher issue, please send in a support ticket with the dxdiag, msinfo, game logs and host.developer as requested in the initial post.

If your Dreadnought Launcher is showing up as black with only the menu options and no "Play Dreadnought" button, there are some steps that we've found resolve the issue.

1st: If you have Windows 10, please make sure you have updated and installed all recommended and optional updates for your system. For more information about Updating Windows 10, please visit this Microsoft KB: How to use Windows Update in Windows 10

2nd: Close the launcher, end the task in the task manager, and re-open the launcher.

3rd: Please attempt to run the game as an administrator by following the instructions provided below:

  • Navigate to the program folder of the program you want to run. For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Grey Box\Dreadnought-

  • Right-click the program icon (the file labeled "DreadnoughtLauncher.exe").

  • Choose Run As Administrator. If you see a User Account Control prompt, accept it.

4th: If that doesn't work, you can try to run from the .bat file as a administrator. Please note that if this is the first time you are launching the game, the .bat file will not exist, as it is created the first time you successfully launch the game. Please also keep in mind that bypassing the launcher skips the update process. If you receive a "server unavailable" error when launching from the bat file, please launch using the launcher to make sure your game is up to date with the current version.

  • Navigate to the Dreadgame folder in Dreadnought program folder. For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Grey Box\Dreadnought\DreadGame

  • Right-click the program icon (the file labeled Run_MmogBrain.bat)

  • Choose Run As Administrator. If you see a user account control prompt, accept it.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, please note any changes that you notice and let us know by submitting a Support Ticket Here:

Please include the following in your support request:

dxdiag and msinfo files

Follow these steps to gather your Game Logs:

  • Visit this file path (modify the user name to the account you're using and make sure the drive letter is correct): C:\Users\AppData\Local\DreadGame\Saved

  • Right-click the "Logs" folder, select "Send To," and choose "compressed (zipped) folder."

  • Attach the compressed file to your response.

and lastly, we'll need to gather a file associated with the Dreadnought Launcher. Please see the instructions below to gather your host.developer file.

  • Navigate to the Dreadnought Install Directory. ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Grey Box\Dreadnought\")

  • Right Click DreadnoughtLauncher.exe

  • Click Create Shortcut

  • Right click the newly created shortcut and select Properties

  • In the "Target" field will be a file path ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Grey Box\Dreadnought\DreadnoughtLauncher.exe")

  • After .EXE place a space and add /Debug (...\Dreadnought\DreadnoughtLauncher.exe" /debug)

  • Click Apply and Close the Properties

  • Run the newly created shortcut

  • A new file has been created in the Dreadnought Install Directory called host.developer.

  • Please, include this host.developer file within your response.

Once you've attached these 4 files, please send in your support ticket so we can investigate further.

Rotarran91#4155 posted (#post-131669)

i just restarted the client and seems to have resolved the issue. should have tried this before making a thread tbh.

Just finished a game and got no elite bonus, no elite status in the hanger but rebooted client again and it was back.

There is a display bug that isn't showing the Elite Status correctly in-game, but it is working correctly server side. They are working on it currently. Please don't hesitate to send in a support ticket when you run into issues or have questions - we have agents available from 9 am to 10 pm central every day of the week. smile

Kind Regards,


Nasher#6109 posted (#post-131742)

I wish I could apply, but...

The job you are looking for was not found.

Hi Nasher!

When it says that the job you're looking for was not found, it just means that that position has been filled or taken down from our job board. We have lots of other positions open, though, and you should be automatically taken to the full list of open positions. smile This link will also take you to all open positions directly.

Best Wishes,


Nestaroth#1758 posted (#post-131590)

Only for Pc players or ps4 too ?

I don't have any information about possible closed beta rewards for the PS4 at this time. My advice would be to keep an eye on the announcement forum for updates. Feel free to share your feedback about the game, and about what you'd like to see as a closed beta reward for PS4, in the PS4 forum. The development team regularly monitors the forums for player feedback.

Best Wishes,

Hello, Captains! It has been requested that we share the controller map for the PS4 on the forums, so here you go!

Dreadnought PS4 Controller Map

poor_job#5212 posted (#post-131563)

I'm a PS4 user and new to DREADNOUGHT. I can' t find a reference to the controller functions for PS4. The "ROOKIE MANUAL" covers keyboard ops. only...

Is there a document that illustrates the PS4 controller functions?

Hello! This reply should probably go in the PS4 subforum, but here is an answer to your question, Captain!

Dreadnought PS4 Controller Map

William#8315 posted (#post-131393)

when I go to play the game crash and say that my graphic card driver is out of date but when I go to check it say it the most current driver. I have try to up date it manual, but still says it the most current driver I use ati Radeon HD 420 graphic card. Has anyone found a work around to get the program to run?

fyi I have a window 10 64bit system.

Hi William,

Can you please submit a support ticket at the link below, and include your DxDiag and MSINFO files so we can take a look?

Best Wishes,