So in the end I was right, that power to weapons does not boost nukes/torpedoes/missiles/pods/mines.

Thank You all for clearing that for me smile


I have seen countless post of people saying that they are using energy to power weapons to launch missiles and because of that - that increases missiles damage.

I on the other hand did not see any difference ether if I just simply launch the missiles or with energy to the weapons. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

Does anyone can answer me if energy to the weapons boosts missiles, torpedoes and nukes? Or that is just a misconception? Please answer only if You are 100% sure.

It depends. I am playing only with destroyers. Sometimes 8-12 kills in a match is not enough if You team loses.

Biggest problem is that T3 ships compared to T4 are bad if You are new a player and You don't know how to properly use Your ship and which modules to choose (again new players problems).

To say it bluntly - If You are a good player and You know Your ships strengths You can do very good in veteran even with T3 ships. But You have to get kills and Your team has to win.

For new players - yes, You feel like You are a child and after every match You are given a candy and after one lick - they take it away.

Just slug in the recruit and don't rush for the T3 ships, because You will be destroyed in first 10 matches. And after You have gained experience and credits - go back to veteran. This is how I did and this worked fine so far.

If You are doing great in veteran - You are earning more than in the recruit. PERIOD.

If You are in the middle of the scoreboard - You should not be earning much, because that indicates, that You are doing something wrong.

Today I got my moves used against me twice by 2 different players. How dare You! smile smile smile


Do You do enough damage with these modules? Or it is just to keep enemy at bay? Because I am using my Vigo and other destroyers to burst out as much damage in small window as soon I get the chance. 7/10 matches I am within top 3 of my team. Other 3 - when I am "brain dead" and can not seem to find opening in the enemy formation or my team is steamrolled by the other team.

I have fresh Vigo, so I am going with the same load out like with Otranto:

- Goliath torpedo T3

- Drain torpedo T3

- Weapon pulse T3

- Module reboot T3 (now I unlocked T4)

My play stile: sneak up from the cover fire Goliath and instant after that drain. Drain is faster so It will land just a moment faster than Goliath. Press Weapon pulse and go berserk with primary, and just it is running out - Module reboot and same formula again smile . After last Weapon pulse is used - go and get some rest, You deserved it smile smile smile .

I have played like that with Trafalgar and Otranto and so far it is most effective play stile for me. I don't know, but it feels like that Vigo is not effective with primary weapons are effective in 0-3500 m range, from that range it feels like it is not doing enough damage.

I just bought a T4 Vigo. 55k xp was not too hard, but the 100k kredits for that beauty - it's a bit harsh. I have had 75k prepared, but when I unlocked it - I did face-palm after seeing the price smile

BadAlchemy#4871 posted (#post-113998)

The 1060 card is a mid range performance card even if its the latest generation. Results would be less wild on a upper range card with like a #70 or #80. Id move on to Win 10 regardless for better performance and Direct X12 btw.

I had GTX 970 and GTX 1060 is a bit faster than GTX 970.

And for Windows 10 - its about 10-15% performance increase at max, but not as stable as win 8.1 . So we are talking about 2-15 fps increase across the board, witch makes no significant difference.

I need to make a dissension between Jutland and Vigo.

I do love NAV with it's large HP pool and superb broadside cannons and armor module, but I hate slow movement and in order to be effective - You need to be super close to the enemy. Also I hate to be dependent on healers to be effective. And one more downside - I have read that primary weapons of Jutland are bugged and do not do damage. I love to be able to stand against 3 enemies and be able to destroy 2 of them after "endurance" battle.

As for the destroyers - I can deal with moderate HP pool. But I would want to know if Vigo is effective enough at 4-6 km range with primary weapons? And if I could be able to take dawn 2 ships in quick succession? I love module reset on destroyers because You can burst out so much damage in such little window and kill T4 destroyer with Your T3 destroyer on 1vs1 battle.

Don't get me wrong - I am aggressive style player and I used my NAV like an ICE BRAKER, but from what I have read in the forums - I have learned that Jutland is a snail. So I am afraid that Vigo should suite my play-stile better. But I am not sure... I would like to be able to test both ships, but that is not possible.

+1 for me, I would like to be able to disable that annoying sound smile