@Sky if you lower the dmg its a nerf man

Covs are not op and they need the abw to fulfill there purpose.
If you ask yourself what "is the purpose of a covette":
The purpose of a covette is to kill targets that are out of postion or that are of high importance (healer, sniper).

You can also kill destos but only if there out of pos or they are just bad.

The only nerf I would be fine with is to increase the cd of abw by like 5 sec or so. But nerf the dmg or the shield pen? No sry I cant agree with that.

And even the cd nerf would be kinda undeserved.

Edit: Because they will get nerfed next patch throught the ABP adjustment(its a buff)

@SkyRaider if you change abw your way its complety useless. IF you lower the DMG its a nerf if it dosent go through shields anymore its also a nerf like. And also if you have the fleet tiers like atm you get into a leg game with t3 modules and without op thats a diff if there is one

But now the same problem is with t4 and t5
You say it dosent need to get nerfed but its not allowed to 1 shot ships at 24k hp that dosent make sense

Here are my thoughts:

  1. If you nerf the ABW Dmg all covs except tank cov, which is even more op, will be unplayable (or useless)

  2. Lets say you nerf ABW into the ground the next think players will hop on is Ramcan (can one shot you at 39k hp)

  3. ABW also will get passively nerfed by the upcomming ABP changes (ABP goes through shields)

  4. One Stasis desy will complety deny up to three covs

  5. Stasis Pulse will deny at least one

  6. A well played sniper with the right modules will deny at least 3 covs if not all of them

  7. Now to the biggest point MM and Fleet tiers. Like honestly why did they change the fleet tiers if we would get the old fleet tiers back players will be way more prepeared for legendary module and skill wise (old fleets are Recruit T1-T2 , Veteran T3-T4 and Legendary T4-T5)