I dont think any changes should be made because they were nerfed enough as it is. Its fun to go for tacs and kill them. Just because there are a good few that are hard to kill doesnt mean they are too strong it just means one team isnt playing their teamwork right and is a issue with teamplay. so the more you nerf any healing the less fun the game is at true teamwork and it will be more of a TDM then a work togeather game.

I agree with this. I mostly fight them if they are gimped like this healers wont be saving teams anymore im gonna break through them way too fast. i want fun and long fights those require teamwork but with this i can solo them much easier and thats not a good thing!

I have the Nevis about to have the Brutis and the svarog.

you guys should come onto the discord and just randomly chat with some of the squads for their opinions smile i think that would help you guys out a bit more then forums smile

The current way hero ships work is a problem you would currently buy the hero ship lets say you bought the trident which you paid the 6500 gp pack 50 dollars and used 4000. your excited and you play the trident and you think cool now i got xp but realize it costs gp to convert that xp. Now here's the problem. you begin waisting gp on converting xp and now all your gp is gone from your cool ship you got and the xp you get is useless now. this current system makes hero ships totally useless to play and not a fun experience and will make for buyers remorse. I think hero ships need to earn xp in the the tree that they are in for free but can only be converted to research other trees instead so that they actually help progression.

Sadly this is how I feel. Even though I don't want to say it to the devs because I really want them to make it work I just dont like this patch. I'm sorry devs but I still love you <3

I completely agree with you. in about 70-80 hours i unlocked everything last patch i wanted grind but not past 1000 hours grind. this is ridiculous, completely unnecessary and not fun to play right now.

In my opinion cloak is the worst thing to take unless you wanna die after your kill. I prefer thrust amp and auto repair for a few reasons such as it gets me into situations and out. Thrust amp can get you out of stasis beams smile and it lets you catch up to the other coward corvette players that just tried to kill you but failed and are low hp. currently snipers are the defense agenst this build but they need to keep me from getting close. Also as a AC i never want the disrupter auto beams to be changed to a dif slot i use them all the time now and i like having anti missile pulse also.

Just buff movement speed the thing is already hard to kill if they know what to do agenst corvettes and you wanna kill it, because theres no way to dodge the beam. but agenst other ships the caty really has no chance.