Hey there, just left the Last Known Dreadnought chat I was in, cause that one didn't appear promising. Will be happy to join you for some decent legendary battles, folks.

Well, let's see how it would go. I'll message again in the dreadnought psn chat room an hour prior. It's a fun mode. I had amazing time playing it. The behaviour of the players is way different. No kamikadze and suicide bombers!

No custom matches, just team elimination.

Greetings, Dreadnought Captains,

I'm planning to schedule some team elimination legendary matches tomorrow for those of you, who struggle to get the elimination trophies and experience overall. I think TE is in general very underrated mode, but deserves more attention.
As the major part of the community refrains from playing it, scheduling any matches in TE would work as a custom match, but granting experience and credits.

Suggested time for start: 2100 UTC on 06.11.2018.
It would be an alternation between veterean and legendary matches so more people can join.
Please message if any of you plan to team up.

I usually jump in my Stribog with assault warp and nail those vindictas, but I also like my purge mode on the snipers and disruptor missile on my Vigo. Dreadnought with Module Amp + Plasma broadside + Light missiles + Energy to weapons... I strongly recommend you use the repeater guns with energy to weapons when a vindicta nearby... just to dish all the punishment at it in due time. Energy to shield is reserved for dreadnoughts equipped with a retaliator.
Oh, Voronezh with Desperate measures, Module Amp, Engine Rigger and Get my good side is my personal preset... and one last time energy to weapons when hostiles nearby. You'll then make them think twice before coming next time. Tartarous nuke is lovely either, it tracks moving targets. It usually detonates at the right time, but just in case hit the button second time when the warhead's near the targeted enemy. You can also use it against healers, targeting the adjacent dreadnought so the healer doesn't get warned it's coming for it either.
I'm surprised so many people have these troubles with the vindictas. I would use my vinddicta/brutus to one shot an annoying enemy healer and die shortly after that, but the people I'm used to play are pretty aware and prepared for fast ships.

It will be a big step ahead if they merge the servers, since it will add some numbers, especially evening time in Europe.
There should be something like additional bonus for elite members when playing in the prime time. This would bump the elite and significantly increase the amount of players. Provided the player base withdrawal, at least the elite status should be worthing it more than ever. Also, elite members may eventually get a random paint job or a hero ship when renewing a monthly elite membership.
I know there is no room for diversity, but you should guys implement solo queue possibility, meaning no chance to oppose squads that way.

P.S. Just to clarify, the above mentioned is not my personal request, but complains from people I have played with and talked to in party chat... People frustrated as they have to face organised teams every match... People who have paid for Elite Membership and get 30 min in queue instead... People who don't have my time to play video games, but want to get involved into the legendary fights a little quicker. Take it in mind as it hits the majority of the community. There are people who've been hard working for their T5s and don't want it be easier for others to reach their stage, but desperate times require desperate measures. We need a large and solid society of experienced players and not just explorers who come for a couple of games and then leave disapointed they've been hacked, slashed, smashed, banged with their T2s in Veteran mode.
Have in mind how many people complain about Vindictas, OBs, multi nukes, storm missiles, purge beams, any sorts of disruption, T4 corvettes capabilities. People have informed you they weren't happy fighting T4s with their T2s. There is no doubt about that T4s are OP for veteran or at least that T2s are too weak for veteran.

ThisThisThisThis forumforumispretty difficult to be used from a phone. Try it out yourselves. Stopped writing here, because it is a terrible experience totoleave my feedback. Can'tCan'tdelete, can't modifymodify.
Grinding is pretty back also! Talking totodifferent people in party chatrooms everyeveryday andandeveryone shares this opinion
Oh, andand btw, the forum is very bad

So, are you joining us?

Tomorrow, 10-Apr-2018, starting at 20:30 CET

Team 1:
Destroyer: vacant
Dreadnought: vacant
Artillery cruiser: vacant
Tactical Cruiser: ky4u_cun
Corvette: vacant
Team 2:
Destroyer: vacant
Dreadnought: vacant
Artillery cruiser: vacant
Tactical Cruiser: vacant
Corvette: vacant

Guys, we're playing legendary matches these days, show me your best in your corvettes. Weeks ago, the dreadnoughts were OP with their armorboost and multi nukes. After being nerfed, things changed and the dreadnought are now challenged to show a little more to take care of corvettes. Eventually your build will feel susceptible for attacks by a certain class. If you have loaded up modules to take snipers and healers out, it is normal to be vulnerable against corvettes. Good players will read your ways, modules and plans and will counter you.
The real tactical ship in this game is the corvette. I use it to distract, disrupt and break the enemy line, so the others in my team will have a better chance to disable the enemy ships. It is good to have 1 corvette pilot in each team to harass the enemy team and cause diversion. In the early stages everyone experience troubles locating corvettes, but even though you say corvettes are OP, I claim the opposite. T5 corvettes are tardy and less maneuverable, they need 2 or 3 clips to solo a dreadnought or the Gora destroyer, which is... really underpowered. If you walk a T2/T3 dreadnought against a T4 corvette, of course you don't stand a chance...