NotMary#6632 posted (#post-202638) said:

I'm going to say this once again: If two Tier Four "Tactical" Cruisers can out-tank and out-dps two coordinating Monarchs when the engagement's literally less than 2km, you know they need a nerf (Four Repair Pods overlapping, Autobeams pointed at each other, Beam amplifiers at each other, and Auto repairs make for a cancer heal-ball)

Thats the problem i see: not sure why (according to whats been sayed its due to adrenaline shot) healing is stronger than dealing dmg. In usual games a tank holds longer than a healer under heavy fire. Healers instead last longer from lighter fire sustained over longer periods. So healing should be only effective (as stated before) under light fire or when taking cover recovering before returning to battle, not in middle of the fight, receiving heavy fire. It doesnt seem fine to deal 80-90% dmg to a ship from alpha strikes and see it heal back to 100% in less than 3 secs while it still gets shot by multiple ships. This game is more of sit and fire/get fired than flank or take cover from time to time.

Emaster#2915 posted (#post-202339) said:

need more game improvement rather than balance.

my mouse moves 1 millimeter and I'm no longer targeting the ship that I'm barely missing, my module shouldn't act as if it has ZERO IDEA where I want the missiles/torpedos to go.

Energy wheel same deal: Just go into the programming, and change the direction selected to be "average while the "E" button was pushed" rather than "last known position/direction when the "E" key was released". It slips up and selects the wrong one way too often.

Its these little issues, where the game should be able to know what I want, but it just doesn't comply, that makes the game seem a bit more amateurish.

No offence, but...the ships in this game are pretty big and move quite slow compared to other games that are much faster paced, so aiming at them is quite easy (leading is a bigger challenge). Ive felt that module targeting is very gentle: you dont need to accurately point at the ship...if im correct, sometimes you dont even have to aim at the ship and it will auto target (like with broadsides); i can quickly aim at another ship, fire the module and return firing the first ship without any problems, Its not like aiming to the head of an enemy at 300 meters in planetside 2 (literally a dot). I come from playing Star conflict and there are lots of modules/missiles that have 0 guidance/lock and you have to aim them for yourself. In dread instead almost every module has a lock, even nukes.

About the energy wheel: a game cant guess what you want, that can be easier, but bad for specific situations: being in full control is more complex but at the same time allows much more possibilities. With practice you can get the best of it, where an average falls short: sometimes i put shields when i get hit, sometimes i use speed when i get hit...that desition is made by me and makes a big difference to the outcome. Learn what to use and when. BTW, the energy wheel is not nice (disrupts aiming and its hard to use quickly and being reliable), so i suggest using specific keys for each mode. I use F1 to speed, F2 for shields, F3 for weapons and E for energy off.

Always thought than a tac cruiser could simply out dps enemy fire was wrong. Considering dealing dmg is harder than healing...a ship taking fire from the entire enemy team and surviving standing still is a game-fun-breaking. I dont like stalled games (why i prefer tdm instead of survival), and this happens a lot, specially in T5. The difference in a team without healer vs another with is huge just because of a ship. I agree with whats been sayed above.

Lando Calrissian#2323 posted (#post-201672) said:

It's understandable for developers/publishers wanting to diversify use of modules, but I suggest making underused modules better, rather essentially ramming unwanted modules down players' throats.

Totally, why would you use heavy torpedo instead of torpedo salvo in corvette, or even more: heavy torp instead of weapon breaker torp. BTW, why are drain torpedos worse in destroyers than corvettes? doesnt make sense at all.

Dont forget that now you dont have to use 225k experience and 300k credits solely to obtain a T5 ship. Researching and purchasing mods of a T4 ship costs pretty much the same you wouldve spent by going through the research tree and purchasing the ship. The only tier that has greatly increased the grind is T5: once you already got your T5 ship and start getting mods and secondary weapons.

Is it me or T5 modules are much more expensive now? (and since theres no T6 you gotta grind much more without rewards to it). Prices from primary modules and secondary weapons are almost the same to internal and perimeter mods, which used to cost less (like half).

It would be amazing to see a fix on the long loading screens that prevent some players to pick their ships before the game starts...that in my case also comes with double music overlaping. And to repeater missile. Or some other core problems like legendary battles.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-181210) said:

The games you are feeling are not balanced are probably down to exsperianced squads, vs a pug or in exsperianced squads on your team. Thats how I offten observe it anyway. MM could always be better, but it's a hard thing to get right in any game.

"the sum of the parts is greater than the whole". How to balance for teamwork...hard. You can increase difficulty for players in squads (placing better players on the other team), which should work for coordinated and experienced squads, but more casual players squadding up not using VOIP in example will get pretty bad results, discouraging team play. Ive come from playing Star Conflict for some years and they had that issue; they even removed the option to squad up for a long time since kill squads were destroying the game as it is happening now, so i dont have answers for it.

But thats one scenario. Ive also noticed many one sided games (ending up with a team with less than half points) that apparently dont have players in squads (too bad you cant see an icon for squads), so i believe things could be better balanced. Yesterday i decided to play as a T3 tac cruiser and lost like 8 games in a row, often reaching highest score in my team from healing, and some times with a high amount of kills just from killing corvettes (3-5 aprox.). I think i did pretty good being aware of nearby teammates needing for heals, but i end up really frustrated with a hopeless feeling that no matter what i do i would always lose, switching tactics and ships without positive outcome. These last weeks my W/L has fallen from 1.94 to 1.76 with about 560 games played.

A game with such big emphasis on PvP run big risks of losing players due to poor balance. PvE/Coop modes seem to me like a good way to retain players who get repeatedly bad experiences at PvP.

EDIT: increasing bots "skills" would make games much fairer, since they are super bad atm and are the ones that brings the team down by feeding: close to 0 score and lots of deaths.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-179524) said:

The reason this was stopped was because people where getting the legendary BB for playing in Veteran matches. It was not fixing the problem of people playing legendary matches. As a good 90% of the time they where not in legendary matches, but in Veteran.

From my experience: ive got more games in legendary that way than nowadays. Queueing with a slight chance to get into legendary is better than not queueing at all. Thats what ive seen.

I understand those variables, but half day queueing is way too much. Its good to hear you are planning to improve waiting times . I suggest implementing a global chat to favour coordination for queueing and allowing players going for legendary enter veteran games if they arent fitting T5 ships as before (since there are many active players flying T4s)