With the changes it's more interesting or less interesting ??

It dies much more easily one shot are not rare it even become frequent celon who you play.

It puts a temp crazy to join these allies and the one shot and that if the corvette let it back so even if some say that the nerve and not so terrible that it (most part does not play this ship) it will be able to support well Less often these allies and just look at the scores of the koschei, the number of death as well to increase his final score has well descended and that is the numbers do not say it a suposition. Whatever the defense of your team it will be able Nothing against a one shot.

The nox is a snipe with a 22 long rifle. :

Reduced weapon cooldown from 1.45 to 0.4 seconds

Reduced weapon damage from 3000 to 1050.

For me 3 times faster but 3 times less damage the problem is that the interest of the snipes is that they do the same damage from a distance but that we must anticipate the future position of adversary what requires the temp that About the recharge time.

Now it is necessary to do it 3 times more often except the temp that it asks each time it

Finishing a player with little life will require 3 shots he will be able to react

You guess he serves more as nothing he still has the defaults by luck I play it almost more. It is that happiness for the corvette always slow but more the way to resiteret question heal more interest.

The koschei had advantages and defect and it was different from the others I see more interest of the play seen that the advantages are more the it remains the defects.

In jarrete not to make me kill in 1 shot by corvettes equilibrium question is not a success.

In + yais not even the vessels healer the + uses.

It will not be possible to join our allies with a vaisseaux so slow since it can more resist the corvette lor of the way

There may be temp before starting a game I looked at the table both teams had 4xt4, I finally told myself a game that will be balanced.

But before the game begins I see my team go in t3, one can be angry I ask why they are going from t4 to t3 and they answer me for the fun .A mas surprise we have win and yais fun so yes there are A difference and it's normal but even if I ever win 1vs1 against a t4 with a t3 I must recognize that way to play and + deciding.

I thank the team for this good part.

I thank you for your answers and sorry for the translator I have no choice.

I'm + towards the 8 min minimum the longest waiting I have to watch an entire episode ie 22 minutes.

And it's worse and worse, I'm just wondering if the full bands expect as much or if its as solo players

We find it asserting often without healer on the 10 part that I have done I had to resume my

Tactical 7 times because either person to treat or t2.

If he begins to touch the tactical it will be even less.

Thanks for the video

I have almost an aion but I stopped because I was wondering if it was viable to play it otherwise and not to pass are not temp as I have a koshei and wanted to change.

I was interested in seeing the reactions of the players if the sole caretaker starts to beat rather than treat them. ;