Too bad the big change in t5 is even more repair.

It squeezed well if the repair remained like t4 but with the friendly shoot the tactical side would be more interesting


The difference in distance of the primary weapon is different between a t3 and t4 for artillery because these are almost the same as the other ship -700m difference.

If the question is not clear prescribe the because I use a translator

I agree with you that repairs are a big problem in this game.

We stop to say it but it does not change, they are in the current they are well place that we to see the problem of the players who leave. The concept of repair in itself poses me no problem but the it are far too heavy The world agrees to say they must at least lower them, but here is also that wide bailr.Ce that I do not understand is why charge this charge as if can of world it becomes too heavy and Those who are on The lowest score are often those who need them most while those who are on the facts are those who often have credit stock. I do not say you have to charge those who have the best score but rather darreter To make differences at last to stop this injustice. On 16 players only 5 are puncture divide rather by 3 the cost of credits and multiplier by 3 the number of players to give credits ca serra less heavy enough not to be germinated or perceived as unfair and it will empty credits in stock all in Doing everything about credit in total. I specify that I do not say that because I am one of the 5 who lose credits, I lose more credit in the trade that I had no more play in the game: |

Ok me and the opponents, it reassures me I find it already bete to be touched by his own weapon.

thank you


I wonder whether my mines have the same action on me as on the player of the other team I wonder if it also does the allier.

This will become a pinball machine smile

I may be wrong and may respond as listed because I use the tractor and it is not clear.

If g well understood you talk about the fact that the cursor changes target all alone and so I will speak as if that's the case.

I agree with you on the fact that it poses problems but I'm not sure that the problem comes from this system because it reacted as if lintru and bigger than what we look and so it centers, if c It is indeed the case even if the cursor remains on the target it is not said which considers that it is aimed at the right target.

I pence ca because there is the same problem with the landscape or the ships bouncing while visually we do not touch and we can see a force field around the vessels seen this reation so I wonder if the game does not consider this Field of force as the contour of the vessels so even if the cursor remains on the target the game might consite that one targets another vessel.

Thank you I did not understand why the players arrive partly with t2 and go to t4, for me this was the supplementary reparations in case of defeat.

Would sleep less bete tonight it is always ca taken xd

I am not sure if it is possible to calculate a balance, I explain the games made a t2 to balance another t2 except that t2 passes in t4 it does what the games. The only way to balance c not to mix levels of Vineyards.

Why want to balance, a t3 does not have to be balanced against a t4. See not the interest of making a t4 if it's almost the same as a t3.ILs we just have nothing to do assembles t3 against t3 t4 against t4 and the games will be interesting.