Greetings Captains,

The following is a public service announcement for everyone not yet in Alpha. We’ve begun to receive reports about 3rd party websites claiming to sell Dreadnought Alpha keys. These websites are fraudulent. Unfortunately, some of you have already been tricked into buying an already used or fake key, so we wanted to take a minute to communicate the risks of patronizing with these websites.

First of all, anyone buying Alpha keys is actually violating our End User License Agreement; moreover, you’re putting your personal information at risk. These websites pretend to have an abundance of keys for sale, when generally they’ve only managed to get their hands on one or two, which they then sell as many times as they can before being shut down. They make some money from these fraudulent sales, and then they sell the personal information they’ve been able to gather before they get shut down. Then they do it all over again. Jerk maneuver, right?

We know how excited you are to play Dreadnought. We’re excited too! That said, for your own good we ask you to be patient while waiting for your Alpha or Beta key. Attempting to skip the process and buy your key from a 3rd party will likely end in regret, and that’s not a feeling we want you to associate with your Dreadnought experience. This kind of stuff is going to happen more and more this year as the hype train picks up speed. Be wary, and if you find 3rd party services attempting to sell you an Alpha or Beta key, please let us know by emailing


Greetings, Captains.

I'm happy to introduce to you Andrew "Tamat" Beegle, Dreadnought's new Senior North American Community Manager!

Tamat has done it all (well, almost), having held such titles in the gaming industry as Writer/Editor-in-Chief (ZAM Media), Video Producer, Live Team Producer and of course, Lead Community Manager.

He comes to us most recently from Riot Games where he began as the Lead Community Manager on League of Legends, building-up a stellar team before spreading his wings and applying his talents to other areas of the company.

Needless to say, we are more than lucky to have him as the newest member of our team. I know that he's looking forward to soaring the skies with us and helping to make this community one of the best the interwebz has ever seen. smile

To top it all off, today just happens to be his day of birth, so please join me in not only welcoming Tamat, but wishing him a Dreadnought-sized Happy Birthday!

We're happy to have you, Tamat!


There are so many amazing influences that went into Dreadnought...and here's your place to talk about ALL of them -- or anything related to space or science fiction culture...movies, TV, real-world space exploration, etc.

Who'd win in a fight, Picard or Kirk? What craziness is SpaceX up to? Discuss it here!

Hey all -

The Devs are ready to ENGAGE - are you? They'll start interacting with this already loyal community starting tomorrow... so let the discussions, opinions, questions and recommendations fly. They'll address and answer what they can.

We're so lucky to have them here, so please help me give them a warm welcome!


Hiya! I'll be updating this thread with new articles on the subject as they get released.

Team Elimination Mode...DISCUSS!


Dreadnought talked Team E Mode a lot at PAX East, so I've started a thread on it in the Game Modes and Maps section and will update it as new articles get released so that you all can discuss!


Thanks for sharing, Evildrtran!



Thanks and fixed!


Look at you fabulous people, warning each other on the possible breaking of the forum rules. It is enough to bring a tear to a Community Rep's eyes! Rock on, Captains. :)


Folks -

Sorry to disappoint you, but this feature is not ready for prime time, so I've taken out the link in the original post. I don't want to get everyone excited over anything prematurely. Sorry, but beta sign ups are NOT available yet, we'll definitely let you know when they are!

This thread is officially closed, for now!