Title. I'm looking for some advice, being as theyre my favorite ships to play.

How to effectively deal with this? Never encountered it until now and basically got mowed down by the guy every spawn. We couldn't even half health him before he got close, even with full team fire and he'd ram one of our dreads, nearly one hitting them. Naturally he'd then proceed to make wuick work of the dread and quickly retreat before we could manage to kill him, somehow. It seems a little broken that a ship can shrug off every hit from a full team and kill the biggest ship type in the game without breaking a sweat.

So basically I have been playing wrong with my arts. I guess I can always go back to ambushing other arts.

So I was recently asked why i was always close to the front. I play Oberon ships mainly and tgeir range for artillery isn't what I'd call spectacular. So I told the person who asked that ny effective range was only 6k, to which they replied that I should still be farther away.

What gives? Am I just missing something?

P.S. I'm in the Virtus atm.

I've been having a lot of crashes lately so I thought I'd bring them up here. Typically it happens post match but, its also happening in the middle of matches now too. I was in the ONSLAUGHT mode with my VETERAN fleet using the GRAVIS during this last crash that happened mid game. I've been having them post game in TEAM DEATH MATCH as well, regardless of the ship I'm in so far. It isn't every match, maybe four out of every ten. I haven't used my RECRUIT fleet in awhile so I can't say about that one. The error is a CE error if that helps. I'll write it down if it happens again so I can fully report the error. Anyways, hope this helps getting thos crashes sorted. Annoying suckers.

Wow yeah the aim feature helps a lot. L2 for those wondering. Thanks both of you guys. Now I just have to watch for corvettes.

Hey guys noob here and I need some help.

How the heck do you hit anything with an arty? Even when I'm right on them and they're immobile I miss! No damage tick or any indicator that I hit. Reticle is red and everything, yet I'm getting sniped while moving with boost active. What am I doing wrong?