Hey yous guys,

DN Raydog is aware of this bug. He has a fix ready to go and it will be applied in the very next update.

No ETA on the update but it will likely arrive before or just after Dec 25th

BTW, these forums are basically dead.

Open an account on Discord and join the Dreadnought channel there. This is the most active place for updates and news.

The Devs are very active on Discord and respond to questions in real time.


I like most of these ideas especially for Heavy Mortar - this thing is just currently aweful but with the right tweaks could be very functional.

Only thing I may disagree with is the nerf to main gun ROF - but I understand your point.

I'm not sure if the devs read these posts - you may get better traction and feedback if you post in the Discord or Twitter.

You can DM the devs on Discord ( just don't drive them crazy plz)

Since the Nuke buff, this missile seems to be underpowered.

Match its blast radius and cooldown with the Nuke.

However decrease the duration of stasis, drain and module interrupt to compensate like 3 seconds.

Hi, sorry I'm not exactly sure what you are suggesting but I do agree that this module is underused/ may need a buff

The main problem I am finding is the timing of when the Tartarus hits. It feels like the window to take advantage of a ship hit with this missle is very short. Trying to kill a Dread with Retaliator or Desperate Measures + Armor Amp is very difficult and usually results in you feeling like you are wasting your time.

I might suggest EITHER increasing the purge effect cooldown times OR decreasing the actual cooldown time of the Module ( like down to 35 seconds for T5 )

Increasing the radius of the blast is also a good idea imo

Yes your right "Legendary Redefined" completely screwed up the game.

Here's the solution to your solution:

T1 = Proving grounds

T1, T2, & T3 = Recruit

T3 & T4 = Veteran

T4 & T5 = Legendary

Oh I'm sorry, you didn't actually say that "Legendary Redefined" update was a really bad decision that the game has yet to recover from.

You're idea is not bad, they just would not be able to make this kind of change to the UI


It's from 2018.......but I had my coffee so lets play mofos

MOR SKINS with MOR colors
we definitely need more shades of grey

How's about all us PS4 players that have the JUNKYARD PRINCE Hero ship GET TO USE IT'S "HAVOC" SKIN ON ALL OUR SHIPS LIKE WE SUPPOSED TO?

COW print Camo

Zebra Camo

Cheetah Camo

Doritos Camo

...fine... ALL Metal Gear Camos

Bloodborne inspired Captain clothes - So I can waste time dressing up a virtual doll that absolutely no one will ever see.

New coloful pretty logos:

Heroin happy needles

Great Apes ( a BIG Monkey drinking a cup with the word TEARS on it )

Dee Rek's Bad Corvette builds ( but he still does 14 - 1 with it....)

Leave Lazerbait the F alone seriously what he do?

Why did Nuke leave? ( Broken Arrow logo? )

Seven Sixpacks a day

TorontoKev IS a bot

Space Ghost for life

Dreadnought STILL better than GOT Season 8

Redefining Legends was a bad idea

Healing bawlls

Server is down > with black and blue variants

NO, you cannot select your ship

Say NO to Boats

\Your CPU is Hot cuz we using you to mine BITCOIN

^^^ yes, these are all cuul logos fer yer dam ship and will be deployed soon(tm)

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD bring back the WOODLAND CAMO for the PS4 Market


It is the BEST looking Camo

Rekindle your love for Dreadnought!!!! Give others the warm snuggly gift of Nuclear Radiation!!!!


Is there a way to increase the bot count in the Legendary or Veteran Team Elimination Mode?

Some cool peeps on our PS4 Dread Chat have pointed out that Team Elimination is working and is playable in Recruit mode.

It boots in about the normal wait time and you will be in a mtach with nothing but bots but you can get those elusive trophy/career progression points.

It's a great mode with much higher stakes - just thinking that increasing the bot count would help decrease wait times for us humans.


For whatever reason the Splinter Camo was removed from the PS4 Market. This is easily the coolest and best looking Camo option and now that I have enough money I WANT IT ON ALL SHIPS!!!!!!!

The removal of the Splinter Camo seemed to coincide with the release of the Geevra Camo options.

Unfortunately ( my opinion of course ) but the Geevra Camo options just do not look good at all on PS4. From what I've seen on Twitch and screenshots they look great on PC. Maybe they look better on the PS4 Pro?

I have opended a ticket with customer support with this question but I have not heard back ( I don't blame them this is about a 1 on the priority scale ) - Just wasn't sure if I could expect to get a response in the forums.

The entire Market is just @$$ backwards and there is no good reason or explaination for it.

I simply have never understood how they ask such ridiculous prices for items while at the same time having a very confusing and glitchy UI ( as well as a imperfect game/product).

Not a single thing is sorted in any sort of intelligent way. Like/similar color schemes? Similar Items? Purchased/Not Purchased?

That's a No

They have at least 3 of each skin color scheme with slightly different variations - but they are scattered throught the selection pool and because of how difficult it actually is to navigate and see these colors on any given ship ( or good god more than one ship ) a potential buyer may just likely give up ( I did). These types of small annoyances really impeded the decision to make a purchase.

I have been genuinly wondering if simply no one cares if they sell anything or if they actually prefer to NOT sell any product as part of a tax write-off strategy.

I understand there are A LOT of issues and dubious decisions being made with this game.

The reason I am passionate about this ( seemingly mundane ) issue is because I believe if the cost of their add ons were sensible and within reach, the game would actually be healthier and much better off. People that pay are genuinly more invested - may bring more friends and more hype etc.

A good example that still bothers me is this: The Elite status rewards are simply not good enough and Tier III has been such a hot mess topic for such a long time. - Instead of now shifting ( kicking out ) an ENTIRE GROUP of PLAYERS out of Veteran matches what may have made more sense from the beginning ( to me anyway )
Would have been to buff Elite rewards ( I'm talking by x2 or x3 -) OR what if there was a specific Elite pack for ONLY Tier III ships? - Name it "Elite III" or something???

Then you simply MARKET how cool those rewards are to Tier III players. You could have then sent a detailed message to a player when they unlock any Tier III with details why Elite is now worth it to them for example.

There are probably other better ways to do this but my point is that a solution to the TIER III mess could have been located in the Market.

I do not think someting like this is P2W. There are always going to be issues when there is an in game market. But they have the right to sell and offer products that can help their player base.