I know I know it's "Free to Play" "Calm down" blah blah blah ( I'm a PS4 scrub btw )

Well then, I shall address you as the product: Can you please explain this Bleep?

We have Blues screens ( of death ) and lags and a seemingly unnecessary but completely worse UI but what really set me on my merry way here is The Market

What the Bleep is up with The Market?

I simply do not understand any of it. The pricing, the navigating ( seriously what the h.ell?), The organizing/scheme, etc.

Are you just guessing with the pricing? It is as if someone looked at "cosmetic item X" and said "Mmm 199GP? Naah that looks like a 399GP cosmetic add on"

My point is nothing makes any sense and it appears there was no thought or explaination as to why certain items cost what they do.
For Example: Why is the Leviathan 3000GP? Why is the new ( and sooo awesome looking ) Nereid Hero ship 1000GP?

If 1000GP for the Nereid is a "Soon to expire" special - then have it say so in the Market. And for the love of death put the ending date if a sale price is going to change - again IN the Market. ( Create urgency not "surprise" it's gone )

Also, you have plenty of Cosmetic Skin bundles. Not all colors are represented and thats fine.

BUT ( Unless I missed it because of bad UI) You have made a sizable and glaring bundle omission. It is actually a mistake and you can thank me later ( unless again I stupidly missed it ).
Add to the Market: "All Camo patterns Splinter/Woodland/Two tone/Specials for all ships" 2000GP

Here's what you may not realize. Not all color schemes look good on every ship. Add to the fact that if I were to use 999GP for such a bundle, I'm probably going to look at the color on every ship just to be sure I like it. This is not a quick buy and adding the current state of the UI this would take over an hour.

The Camo options LOOK GREAT on EVERY SHIP. They enhance EVERY Color Coating Skin and make them shine.
You should be giving these away to sell Ship Skins.

Also adding to the Skin topic, Why you haven't thought to add a "Pick 5 Legendary" or "Pick 5 Veteran" skin bundle. Meaning the player pays "X" amount and can choose 5 different skins for use on only specific Legendary or Veteran ships.

And lastly this "new" clunky bloated UI. I am going to assume that you didn't want to re-do it BUT that you needed to re-do it for some type of backend need ( server/space/compatibility ).

If it was 100% working as intended it still may not be as good as the previous UI but right meow attempting to navigate through it, selecting any ship, selecting a module, buying a module, going back and forth between menus -IT-SEEMS-LIKE-LITERALLY-EVERYTHING is a chore and makes you guys - especially the goofy talking head guys on Twitch look really silly.

It should go without saying that you have got to get this to 100% or if possible rollback to the old UI.

Oh and the Heroship page is Glitched. ( It's a mini game just to try and scroll/select the Zaratan )

Apologies for any bleeding eyes...

I...I...just can't let this go. It's like that ( Spoiler ) last act of the movie Heat when Di Niro just had to go pew pew someone instead of leaving and living a happy life.

How about Oberon does everything either exceptionally well or is simply the best option period.

Nox/Stabia? THE BEST Artillery cruiser. It's not even close ( alright maybe a little close depending on playstyle)

Vindicta/Brutus? Probably the best Destroyer. Definetly the MOST FUN destroyer

Aion/Feronia? More maneuverable than the Kochei and can use main to attack and target enemy Pods ( Just accept it, it's beddah )

Lorica/Invictus? Yes the Akula dread is better but it is also slower and speed kills. Plus, the Oberon dread looks waaay cooler

Medusa/Mithras? ugh uhhh....not the prettiest ( unless you buy $$$Phoenix or $$$Retrofit ) nor the fastest but this ship can be plenty annoying and just as hard to kill as any other Corvette. ( This is the "closest" to a Transhuman scout ship? oookay...what...? )

So there it is. Oberon is Bedder


The problem is that the Dola needs Officer Briefings to really do anything.

I actually had a pretty easy time getting all modules completely researched for it ( I went OCD for that Captain/Career bonus thing )

To best use this ship I recommend grinding for at least the Slow and Steady OB ( Chernoborg ) and Glass Cannon OB ( Nox )

You will not regret unlocking the Nox, I promise.

Glass Cannon will take advantage of the Tier III's already slightly better range allowing you to stay a little safer while providing sustained cover fire. Add the Weapon Boost module and you might be surprised how quickly you get through this ship.

Also unlock the Tier III storm missles asap > use them defensively ( when someone closes in to attack you )

It may have been a fluke but I just recently played a match with a Akula bomber ( Nevis/Stribog ) and I had pretty good success knocking out both Heal Pods and Artillery Pods.

The main gun archs but also spreads - takes some getting used to ( aim a little higher etc. )

If you see that someone has a bomber on you team you could try asking them to clear out the pods with their mains instead of wasting a pulse.

Wow do I think this is a bad idea.

It would be better to Nerf Tier III and add them to Recruit ( but also allow them to play in Veteran )

Add a restriction and remove a mode from the "heart" of the game? Is this company's motto: "Aim to Fail" ?

This is going to ruin the feel and flow of the game.

Tier IV can compete with Tier V but Legendary is far different than Veteran. Players that go back and forth can have completely different play styles in each mode. The idea removes flexibility
ie: A very good Corvette pilot in Tier IV may be a better Destroyer or Dreadnought pilot ( Or only play those ship types ) in Tier V

And lets not forget about Battle Bonus - which is a joke - this tier shift idea makes it much worse.

I don't see how this isn't just another bandaid when the problem is clearly the grind towards officer briefings. - Meaning a Tier III ship can compete with appropriate OB's ( I got 10 tier III ships completely researched for that career bonus - one of those was the Dola )

SBP POPPA_KHAN#3963 posted (#post-225388) said:

their no diffrence between stabia ROF and the nox just damage .the gora is absolutely amazing it hits like a mack truck and thats before you boost pluse the accuracy is astounding

There is a difference but I think I'm explaining this all wrong so I'm going to try to stitch some videos together so I can expose the truth

BTW if you are the same Poppa ( Papa? ) Khan on PS4 Legendary matches, you and your sqaud are awesome. Tough outs every one of you.

Lando Calrissian#2323 posted (#post-225385) said:

Learn 2 aim better so ROF doesn't matter.

Sorry, does it say anywhere in this post that I miss targets because of a reduced ROF?

Not only have you missed the point but your comment does not make much sense. When most ships are pretty maneuverable at tier V, the DURATION between each shot actually does matter.

It's not a matter of landing shots, the Gora's ROF is a joke.

I use the tier V Stabia all the time. I just think the tier IV is a little more fun to play and I think that is because they have watered down the ROF - the main gun of the Stabia feels DULL in comparison to it's tier iv couterpart.

I suppose it's difficult for me to explain that I am really talking about tempo.

I have noticed when upgrading certain ships that their rate of fire either changes and in some cases becomes worse ( decreases ).

The decision to reduce the ROF seems random or nonsensical for some of these ships. Reducing or changing the ROF does not introduce "flavor" or make a ship more unique. It actually makes the transition to Tier V a bit uncomfortable. This is because the upgrade is not consistent.

I understand that ships will generally get a HP and DMG boost. This is not at all a good reason to make a ship perform worse than it’s lower tier counterpart.

You commit hours and grind to "Upgrade". A Tier V ship should not feel like a disappointment but that is exactly how I felt when I very recently unlocked the Tier V Gora.

It does not add excitement to the game when the main weapon ( what you use the most of ) becomes less exciting to fire ( ie: Tier V Jupiter arms destroyer, Tier V Oberon Artillery, Tier V Akula Destroyer )

Here is a very simple solution:
Allow the player to choose the rate of fire .
You could have a sliding scale or a selection of different options. The options increase with higher tiers.
a. High ROF less DMG and smaller ammo pool
b. Med ROF current DMG output and ammo pool
c. Low ROF high DMG large ammo pool

( Below is just more ranting about this. Sorry but I'm really bummed out about the Gora and the Stabia)

The Tier III Dola has a much better and more preferred ROF than the Tier V Gora. That to me is unacceptable. In this particular case I would rather less HP at the cost of a faster ROF

The best example of this strange trend is with the The Oberon Artillery. The ROF gets progressively worse as you increase tiers. ( The Tier II ROF is actually much better than the Tier V )
I urge you to go back and play the Tier II. The ROF is fast and fun.
The Tier V is slow and dull
-I think the Tier IV ROF is probably perfect. The Tier V has more DMG but I can’t help the feeling that the Devs messed this up.

Please comment and add input if you agree or disagree. I know there are probably more pressing issues and things that need to be fixed but I do think this is a important problem that needs to be addressed.


I have been noticing this as well.

I've been using both Oberon and Jupiter Tac Cruiser and the beam does not always work when pressed or when switching between primary/ secondary

Hello everyone,

Havoc Mode - This may have been brought up in the past but I really think there should be a way to use your own ships in this mode. This feels like a missed opportunity.

I do not like to play this mode because I do not like the provided ship configurations.

I do like how difficult the AI ships get and I would love to go at them with my own ships.

I think Dreadnought boils down to how these ships "feel" and nothing is going to feel better than using your ship that you have set the Color, Design, Modules, and OB's for.

If it is a programming/ stability issue then maybe this mode should have it's own hanger? ( Perhaps Tier III ships only in this mode to keep things simple? )

( Sorry if this topic is better for the Concepts page )

(Edit - I don't know if it's important to mention that I am a PS4 player )