Considering I watched one episode of slayers before avoiding it for a year, it could go either way. I ended up really enjoying slayers once I got past the silliness, it does grow on you.

Considering the nature of attack on titan, I wouldn't imagine any live action being very good. Death Note stands a chance, but sadly I think the formats simply are not very.. compatible. Many anime rely on facial expressions that simply doesn't work on a real person. Works as a cartoon, but when a person does it.. well they simply look silly.

GiTS however is a little more 'realistic' style animation, so far the trailer has me interested and it appears as though they are sticking fairly close to the source material.

On a different note; Netflix is doing a live action Death Note? Curious to see if they manage to portray the intensity of the characters.

Rune Soldier, very Slayersish

... Yes, I am pretty sure their primary goal is to make money. FTP has quite a few different models, and personally, as long as this doesn't end up a flat out pay to win, I don't care if there are 'pay tiers'.

I can't give my opinion on their pay system as I havn't looked at it yet.

Personally, I think FTP models should be able to pull in more from a single player who chooses to do so, but it needs to maintain a scale that doesn't simply turn non paying players into urinals for those that do play.

That and pay tier systems that enable huge spending. If I want to splurge and drop 50 bucks to get something that gives me a slight edge over a period, or permanently, wonderful, I support that. But if I can spend 50, then 50, then 50, hundreds of times, that's when pay to win rears it's ugly head.

It still blows my mind how we went from paying 40-60 bucks for a game, and/or paying 10-15 bucks a month to these 'things' that people litterally spend -thousands- of dollars to play (to win). But I supose that's partly free players fault as well. We should be clearing out of anything that turns into pay to win, but far too many 'tough' it out giving the payers a target to gleefully walk over. I suspect spending thousands would be alot less appealing if all the punching bags were not there.

Greetings. Amusing to find the requisite anime post. lol

Genre? Whatever show happens to catch my eye.

Currently enjoying KONOSUBA -God's blessing on this wonderful world! season 2, or to be more specific Darkness. She amuses me to no end.

Otherwise, One Piece, a couple other current seasons of stuff.

I only update it once in a while.

I don't think any one of my vans have ever been in a shop for more than tires in the 20 years that I've owned one. Oh wait, I think I went in for two oil changes, and warranty for a new motor on my e350.

I never once ever thought a problem couldn't be fixed and repaired at home for much cheaper than a shop. Ever. Yes, it's true, I am cheap, and as such my repair manuals were well used and I learned alot from scratch. Enough that I fill the heavy mechanic position at work, and have for 3 years.

The one thing that floors me is how often techs simply suck. If their laptop doesn't tell them what wrong, they are lost, and even if it does tell them, they don't even check wiring.

Close to 6 grand to a tech to repair a excavator at our pit, 2 computers and misc parts over 4 days, I went there and found a wire shorting against a wire clamp in about 15 minutes. Seriously, was in plain sight, the harness did a 90 through the clamp, so in the time it took me to follow the whole 6 or 7 wires from components to this point, I just stared at it, lifted the bundle enough to look at the bare wire (turned out to be the wire for one of the components the tech replaced), then called the boss to vent. Apparently that tech didn't believe I had found the problem.

Yah, don't really trust shops. Most are far too quick to simply replace stuff. I have fixed far more wiring than replaced parts.