No, there's an NDA, no recording or streaming is allowed.


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As you can read previously in this thread the Dreadnought class can actually have a fighter bay ability.

Just so you know, the one that can probably answer those questions are the Alpha testers, but they are under an NDA. So the only things you have to judge it are the youtube videos and twitch replays.

The Dreadnought actually can swap Broadside cannons for Fighter bays.

No, the alpha is under NDA, so no recording or diffusion of any kind is allowed. And you also shouldn't talk about it anywhere but on the Alpha forums.

Hope the devs will see this.

As the title suggest, it would be a good idea to give a clear post about the rules and NDA of the alpha testing phase, especially considering there's a flow of new players. The E-mail was rather short and gave almost no indications about it, aside from no permission to stream and post videos on the net.

An official sticky dev post on the forum would be way more visible in my opinion. Even if it's a summary and just a link to some rumes and agreements service.

And maybe even some of the Pre-Alpha testers might want to know if there's any change on this.

About the "hazards" :

It is something that was already suggested before. You might want to look this :

Some random events could be indeed fun, but you should do them as a separate mod as there isn't real competitivity with features that appears randomly and that you can't influence in any way.

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Welcome to Dreadnought forums.

If you need any help for a translation beetwen French and English I can help you here.

I think I can answer a lot about your expectations.

Firstly Dreadnought is far, really far from your traditionnal shooters like TF2, COD, CS, etc...

Movements are free on the 3 axes (X, Y and Z), but don't expect to move at the speed of light ! You're controlling a huge spaceship, which mean there is even momentum before your ship go at full speed in one direction, or need a little time to stop. You also don't have any kind of strafing, or spin (no barrel roll).

You can effectively use covers of the maps to use them not only to protect you, but also as sideways to ambush you opponents. Going head on through an uncovered place is foolish anyway.

Now about the whips themselves :

There is currently 5 classes (Corvette, Artillery Cruiser, Dreadnought, Tactical Cruiser and Destroyer), each possessing 3 sub-classes (Light, Medium, Heavy). Each ship possess one unique primary weapon, plus a secondary weapon and four abilities that are shared beetwen the main classes (all Corvettes have access to the same abilities and secondary weapons). You can purchase (via the free game currency) and unlock new secondary weapons and new abilities for a class, and swap them freely, so you can more or less customize your ship according to your playstyle. You also have some passive "perks", which are ready at all time, some of them activate only when certain conditions are met.

There's also a special system within Dreadnought, the energy system. When in game, at the right of your HUD, you can see a blue bar. This is your energy, and you can use it to activate one of the three different bonus :

-Engine boost, giving you a bonus on your speed (in every dirrection, so you can move AND turn faster)

-Weapon boost, giving you increased fire rate for your weapons

-Shields, your ship is covered by a blue shield that absorb part or all incoming damages

Note however that as long as one of these action is active, your energy will deplete. Once you go to 0, the current action stop. You can use any of these actions at any time, as long as you have energy. Your energy regenerate automatically while not in use.

Now about your concern for Pay-to-win. The devs clearly stated that they want an horizontal progression only, no vertical one. Let me explain :

You effectively have different ships, with different abilities, but none is straight BETTER and more powerful than the other. Progressing only gives you more options to get more variety in your customization, and build something that match your playstyle. You will never get, for exemple, unlock the massive cannon of doom that one shot everything that is straight better than anything else and everybody need. There's nothing like that.

Here's what I can answer so far. I don't know if you've done it yet, but I strongly recommend you to watch as much videos about Dreadnought as you can, so you can get a better idea of how it works (Check their youtube and twich especially). Also there was some Alpha sessions before, but as the players admitted are under NDA, they might not be able to fully answer some of your questions, even if there's an answer, or if it is a feature already included or planned.

If you have anything else to ask, I'll try to answer as much as possible. And welcome to the forums. Lurk around, some threads also gives you an idea of what will be planned or what the people might expect in the future.