Edit: they also cancel natural health regeneration which is even more annoying.

LYB-FooJub#4039 posted (#post-216458) said:

Kinda sad to see that DN listens to players who probably spend more time on forums than in the actual game. Don't think I've seen a single person who complains about healing being broken more than once, if at all in the actual game consistently. and considering the size of the game currently, that says a lot. Of course, that excludes the ps4 community, but still.

People rarely communicate in battle, and global chat hasn't been around for very long, so that's not surprising. Forums are made to express opinions, unlike battle chat.

LYB-FooJub#4039 posted (#post-216458) said:

From where I'm standing, time and again perfectly balanced stuff is being broken one way or the other in the name of making the game better.

For players like you who seem to play in squad most of the time, enemy healers may indeed not be that much of a problem, thanks to coordination, vocal communication...

But I bet you and your squad rely most of the time on healers as well. Have you ever thought about how hard it is for 8 random players to kill your healers, shielding 24/7 and protected by armorbooster pulses ? Surely yes, and that's why you don't want healers to be nerfed, because you won't be able to win thanks to this dumb strategy anymore...

CtrlAltWheee#2640 posted (#post-216445) said:

Having the hero ship attached to the cosmetics 0/10

Please de-couple the ship and the art. I have so many hero ships and use none of them. Even if they were 100% free xp, I still might not value them enough for a fleet spot. I prefer to play my ships that have been customized. If you want $10, just let me put a xp/cr boost on my normal ship.

I agree, it would be cool to be able to buy forecastles/bridges/hulls/sterns for our ships in addition to coatings/decals/etc... Sinley bay is supposed to be a mercenary den, so it makes sense to be able to buy bits and pieces from other ships.

Tyrel#8199 posted (#post-216415) said:

If they did, they wouldn't nerf healing, but apparently they only listen to whiners and newbies...

There's nothing wrong with healling itself, the issue is with certain effects stacking without limit, and with MM. Both have been discussed about quite a lot in the recent weeks. But apparently fixing the illness instead of its symptoms isn't something you can expect from these devs...

Even if you were right, the fact that many people complain about healers is still a good reason to nerf them.

I remember that CCP heavily nerfed logistic ships (=tac cruisers) in Eve because they were unfun to play against (source). Changing something unfun is the same as nerfing something overpowered, it's required to prevent the playerbase from leaving.

Adrenaline shot gives too much energy only because healing is a problem in itself. If the healing output was reasonable or had direct counters, adrenaline shot wouldn't give so much energy. It's also blindingly obvious when considering the absurdly high scores a tac cruiser (and no other class) can get at: I saw one of them reach 6000 points.

W4R-DN#4622 posted (#post-215984) said:

Well how about buffing the other modules instead?

I think a nerf would rather encourage players to quit, because this + the upcoming healer nerf would make a dreadnought very challenging to play

Yes why not but the other modules would have to receive a huge buff, because armor amp is part of what makes dreads hard to kill. So that's why a (slight) nerf could make it less mandatory on dreadnoughts.

I'll reformulate because apparently I haven't made myself clear enough:


That's also why there is a question mark in the title. Read the post before assuming I have 0 knowledge of the game.

I don't have access to the game's statistics but I think it's safe to assume that 90%+ of all dreadnoughts loadouts (Jutlands excluded for obvious reasons) have Armor Amplifier as their 4th module.

While I don't think this module is overpowered, it's still without doubt the best option for a dreadnought and all other internal modules are pretty weak in comparison. That's why I think a nerf would encourage players to try differents modules (and playstyles).

It would also be a good occasion to make it better at higher tiers than at lower ones, as mentionned in this thread.


Thank you for listening to your community.

I'll probably need to change my sig won't I ?

Healers will always remain healers though, nerfing adrenaline shot will only reduce their survivability/healing output as they are the only class using this briefing.

Things may be a bit different for the Harwich line, but players won't start playing Koschei differently even if adrenaline shot is completly deleted (in my dreams).

It's a gain-gain briefing, unlike interesting ones like get my good side or module recycler which requires a certain playstyle to be useful, this one just gives a free bonus to healers for doing what they would do anyway: healing.

Briefings like this one or desperate measures, which add no depth to any playstyle, should just be reworked, or deleted (in my dreams ).

W4R-DN#4622 posted (#post-215672) said:

Don't play the moral crusader vasiliy. You thought i insulted him so you insult me ?!

I'm not saying that what i said was overly friendly , but it definetly wasn't an insult.
Here in Germany we have a saying, "Hast du was genommen?" or "Was hast du denn genommen?" if someone says or does something strange. I'm sorry for translating that almost 1:1 to english, in case it has a worse meaning in english (or is it just because drugs do trigger you?)

You were speculating about me and what you said definetly was meant as insult, and thats what you want to criticize me for and tell me to mind my words? i really can't take you serious, there is a difference between beeing critic and your answer.

Now to the topic:
The Vindicta is very light so i think is speed is fine, as the vindicta stuggles with fighting dreads and destroyers.
The Medusa could need a speed buff, but because its that base speed is that slow Thrust Amp cannot boost that much. I'd rather recommend Target Blink Warp works much better, you have to have a target but since corvettes dominate onslaught just warp onto assault ships to escape (not sure if fighters work).

There is indeed a difference between an insult and the universal truth that no one cares about other people's life, but surely you misunderstood me just as I misunderstood you, probably because of your below-average english. Anyway, apologies accepted, let's move on.

Target blink warp is only a good solution if your goal is to kill artillery cruisers, but to kill anything with more HPs, you either need more damage (kinetic weapon amplifier, assault warp) or more maneuvrability to dodge enemy fire while shooting them down with the 360° firing angle. I find weird that the Aion's MR is much higher (48) than the Medusa's (40), because the Aion mainly uses its speed to dodge ennemy fire, while the Medusa have additionnaly to close the gap with its target, so in theory it should be the other way around.

OBs can't really solve the issue because both naviguation expert and engine rigger increase energy consuption in some way, and corvettes don't have access to energy generator but heavily rely on energy to kill something and survive.