It happens when you press tab or alt+f4 before the ship selection menu appears.

It's not really a bug, but when hit by a disruptor missile/pulse/whatever, all modules are put on cooldown, but having retaliator will lower those cooldowns and some modules will apparently become available even though the disrupting effect has not ended.

It's a bit confusing because some module icons seems ready but you actually can't use those modules, and you have to look at the remaining duration of the disruption to know when you will be able to use modules again.

"According to your feedback these were outclassed by Ballistic Broadside which has a higher range and shorter cooldown. We made the Plasma Broadside hit harder to put them in the same ballpark as the Ballistic broadside."

Why has plasma brodsides II and III been buffed even though ballistic broadsides only exists at tiers IV an V ?
No buff to plasma broadsides IV, so they are still outclassed by ballistic broadsides IV...

I agree with you, I find thrust amplifier more efficient than engine rigger + energy generator even on a ramming vindicta.

I believe it was nerfed some time ago though, maybe they haven't found a proper balance yet.

Even without adrenaline shot and with purges/nukes/whatever, you can't kill 2 koshei healing each other unless you one-shot one of them with a ram.

What I mean is, one healer is alright, 3 of them with 6 repair pods among dreads using armorbooster pulses means you can't kill anything. It doesn't needs coordination but awareness. And what makes a group of coordinated people invicible in outright broken, even if 8 random players can't use it.

WHat we need is adrenaline shot to get deleted and some sort of antiheal ammo to negates incoming healing on a ship. If healing blobs don't disappear, everyone will start using antiheals, making this strategy useless, thus it would benefit a more casual/less dominant use of healers (which would make an antiheal module not mandatory).

Some description lack informations, which sometime isn't even in the datamine:

Modules like goliath or proximity mines can damage the user as well as ennemies, which is not mentionned in the description (it just says "ennemies").

The description of weapon amplifier doesn't mention the % of damage increase. Same for the surge/drain/repair drones, there is no actual values.

Also it would be really useful to have the speed of the missiles in their description, as speed is a key feature on missiles.

The descriptions say "drains enery and cancel energy regeneration" so technically the drained ship's energy should stay at 0 for the whole duration.

I'd suggest to simply remove adrenaline shot from the game, as it's so obviously broken and adds nothing to the (already boring) gameplay of the tac cruiser class.

As Brother Belial said, victory currently hinge on tac cruisers, which makes it obvious that this class is not balanced compared to the others. So they'll either have to be nerfed (maybe just indirectly) or reworked.

LYB-FooJub#4039 posted (#post-209948) said:

100% perfect accuracy? Yeahhhhh no. Reducing projectile speed would make them useless against anything but dreads, and dreads would laugh them off

arti pod projectile speed > artillery cruiser projectile speed.

But IMO they should just shoot at whatever is the closest. Sometimes as an artillery cruiser I get randomly targeted by those stupid pods and if I can't get undercover, I'm dead, just because a tac player pressed 1. Also please 1 pod max: I often do the most damage with modules, as a tac.

Welcome !
First I'd suggest you to customize the controls to be more at ease.
As in every other game, kill the healers (tactical cruisers) first. When under heavy fire, use your shields to reduce incoming damage.
Lastly, check the range of your weapons so you know when to switch guns to optimize your DPS.
Have fun

Disruptor pod would make corvette, ramming destroyers and ju(mp)land unplayable.

Even an Onager has many ways to survive to assault blink warp: evasive maneuver, dive maneuver, armor amplifier, mines...With secondary loadouts coming soon you'll have even more counterplay. I think corvettes are pretty balanced overall, you just need to pay attention to your surroundings.

If you think something is overpowered, play it a couple of times and you'll often change your mind (or not cough tac cruisers cough).